Somaliland Delegation Arrives in Taiwan for Visit 索馬利蘭外長率團訪台 總統親自接見

On Feb. 8, a delegation led by Somaliland's foreign minister arrived in Taiwan for a visit and met with President Tsai Ing-wen.

Essa Kayd, Foreign Minister, Somaliland:"Our relation [that] characterizes is [the] special and historic relationship between two champions of democracies in Africa and Asia."

Taiwan and Somaliland set up representative offices in each other's territory in 2020. On Feb. 8, a delegation led by Somaliland Foreign Minister Essa Kayd that also included the ministers of finance; planning and national development; and livestock and fisheries arrived in Taiwan for a visit. They met with President Tsai Ing-wen. Essa Kayd said measures preventing the development of the bilateral relationship will not help regional peace and stability.

Essa Kayd, Foreign Minister, Somaliland:"Somaliland's right to engage in peaceful and friendly foreign relations with all other nations is enshrined in international law, and all coercive or threatening measures to deny such collaboration between its national partners not only represent affronts to the principle..."

The foreign minister said Somaliland has foreign investment potential in the areas of oil, natural gas, and coal, and he welcomed Taiwan's large companies to invest and conduct trade. He also thanked Taiwan for donating 150,000 Medigen vaccine doses. Tsai said she hopes the virtuous cycle of mutual assistance will continue.

Tsai Ing-wen, President:"Last year, when Taiwan's epidemic situation was grim, other countries supported us through vaccine donations. We hope the virtuous cycle of mutual assistance can continue."

Tsai described Somaliland as an important base in East Africa for Taiwan's African expansion plan, and she welcomes Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi to visit and strengthen bilateral relations. Taiwan and Somaliland don't have formal diplomatic relations, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs still decided to raise the Somaliland flag at its office to give it "official" ally status.



索馬利蘭外交部長 瑞格薩表示:「我們兩國的關係,在非洲與亞洲國家的民主國家中,具有特殊的歷史象徵意義。」


索馬利蘭外交部長 瑞格薩表示:「索馬利蘭是主權國家,依照國際法有權,跟其他國家建立友好的關係,任何試圖阻止我們夥伴關係,威脅的措施,都冒犯了國際秩序原則跟常規。」


總統 蔡英文表示:「去年台灣疫情嚴峻的時候,在疫苗取得上,我們也獲得其他國家的支持,我們希望,相互協助的精神善的循環,能夠繼續持續下去。」