Soochow University Asks Cleaning Staff to Get Tested 負責場地消毒工友暫緩入校 做PCR檢測

Case 18116 attended an event at Soochow University's Downtown campus on Jan. 16. Over 100 students and teachers have been asked to perform 14 days of self-health management and undergo PCR testing.

Case 18116, who is part of the Taoyuan Airport outbreak, visited Soochow University's Downtown campus on Jan. 16. The school was informed on the 19th. Over 100 students and teachers have been asked to get tested and perform 14 days of self-health management.

Pan Wei-ta, President, Soochow University: “The event wrapped up on the 16th. No one used that classroom between then and the 19th. There was an event held in the classroom at 5 o'clock on the 19th that was attended by many students. We hope these students will stay at home and make sure they're fine (before going out).”

Student: “It's OK. There are people at school. It's fine. (It's fine as long as prevention measures are in place?) Right.”

The school says the conference, which was an outside event, took place over the weekend and was not attended by university staff or students. The venue was disinfected after the conference ended. The school has asked its cleaning staff to get tested and stay home for the time being. When asked about a clinic's online post that there is a shortage of Medigen vaccines because they were withdrawn by the Taipei City Government, Mayor Ko Wen-je said Taipei is facing a severe shortage of Moderna vaccines instead.

Ko Wen-je, Taipei City Mayor: “There are more people in Taipei that can't get appointments for Moderna. I'm looking at the report. There is a severe shortage of Moderna.”

Both Taipei and New Taipei are calling on the central government to approve vaccine passports. The Tsai administration says it will start accepting applications on the 21st.