Restaurant Dining to be Banned? 實施禁止餐廳內用? 雙北目前暫不考慮

It is supposed to have many parties around the Lunar New Year. Both Taipei and New Taipei said they will not consider banning restaurant dining for the time being.

The Taipei Urban Intelligence Center has officially opened. Data will be used to improve the efficiency of city operations. The COVID-19 information dashboard, developed in response to the epidemic, can effectively trace the epidemic's hotspots and make accurate epidemic adjustments. As the infection spread at Taoyuan Airport, many young and middle-aged groups in neighboring Taipei and New Taipei cities complained that they could not make an appointment for Moderna booster shots on the central government's appointment platform.

Ko Wen-je, Taipei City Mayor: “We release however many vaccines the central government gives us. We're only responsible for administering them. The vaccine is still given by the central government. Of course, we also know the approximate percentage of applications and we will decide how much we're going to release out.”

Hou Yu-ih, New Taipei City Mayor: “We are putting all our efforts into administering shots to elders over 65 years old. That's about 447,000 doses. We will use Moderna first for these shots. As for the future 20th round of vaccines, basically, the central government has given us mainly BNT vaccines.”

The number of confirmed cases is increasing due to the Taoyuan Airport outbreak which has extended to a cluster outbreak at Tasty restaurant. There are many dinner parties around the Lunar New Year. Should restaurant dining be prohibited? The CECC is maintaining a moderate attitude. It will not prohibit all restaurant dining because someone in a single restaurant is infected. Both Taipei and New Taipei will not consider banning restaurant dining for the time being.

Huang Shan-shan, Deputy Mayor of Taipei City: “Taipei City restaurants have not reported any so-called native cases yet. We have also published all dining guidelines in Taipei. That is, we will strictly check whether restaurants have implemented the real-name, contact tracing system. This system is by far the most effective way.”

Hou Yu-ih, New Taipei City Mayor: “At this stage, there is no ban on restaurant dining. We do our best to guard against the epidemic, which is the most important direction.”

The Lunar New Year is about to arrive. The Central Epidemic Command Center announced that the level two alert will be maintained until the 24th. People returning to their hometowns and traveling between south and north during the Lunar New Year holiday will be a major test for epidemic prevention.











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