Calls for Chu to Resign Increase After Losses 藍公投.補選失利 傳基層要求朱立倫負責

Kuomintang Chairperson Eric Chu has been blamed for recent referendum and election results that did not go the KMT's way. There are reports that grassroots members are demanding his resignation. 

In the span of one month, the Kuomintang suffered three defeats. Four referendums failed to pass, the KMT candidate lost in the by-election for Taichung's second electoral district, and the recall of Legislator Freddy Lim was not successful. Many members have placed the blame on KMT Chairperson Eric Chu and are demanding that he resign to take responsibility. On Jan. 12, Chu said it's right for him to be reprimanded for the losses, and he will take full responsibility.

Eric Chu, Kuomintang Chairperson: “I need to take responsibility for the losses suffered by the party. All the blame should be placed on me. It's of course right for me to be reprimanded for the losses. I welcome Chairperson Jaw Shaw-kong, Mayor Han Kuo-yu, Mayor Hou Yu-ih, and Mayor Lu Shiow-yen to join in the decision-making process. I will get everyone's opinion.”

Chu was asked if the party needs to adjust its line in order to appeal to moderate voters. Chu set three main directions. He said the party's line will always be to uphold the Republic of China, to love Taiwan, and to win the support of young people. Meanwhile, Broadcasting Corporation of China Chairperson Jaw Shaw-kong has proposed an expansion of the decision-making circle ahead of the year-end elections. He also said the Central Standing Committee should propose convening a party affairs meeting and invite the party's 14 magistrates and mayors, party chiefs, and elite leaders to conduct a review for radical transformation. Chu pledged to expand the decision-making circle.

Chen Yu-jen, Legislator (KMT): “I support everyone discussing the party line behind closed doors. However, I don't support the calls for the chair to resign. I think right now is a critical moment and there needs to be stability.”

Chu said the opinions of all members will be welcome when it comes to nominations and important policies. He is hoping to draw on the collective strength and gather support. KMT legislators said stability is what is important, and the party will discuss its plans for the year-end elections behind closed doors.