Case 17505 Visited Four Sights in Kaohsiung 桃園確診童與家人 元旦假期遊高雄3天

M. Chuang
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During the New Year's Day long weekend, the 8-year-old in Taoyuan that tested positive for COVID-19 went on a three-day trip to Kaohsiung with her family. The operators of the four sites visited by the child, ordered emergency disinfection.

Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza did not open for business on the 11th. On the 10th, a list of Kaohsiung sites visited by Case 17505 over the New Year's Day long weekend was released. Hanshin was among the four. The other three were E Sky Mall, Tan Zuo Ma Li restaurant, and the Kaohsiung Marriott.

Tourist: “We're vaccinated and we got our booster shots, so we'll be fine.”

Tourist: “Wash your hands often and keep your mask on. Don't remove your mask until your food is right in front of you. If you do that, you'll be fine.”

Case 17505, an 8-year-old whose family member works at Taoyuan International Airport, tested positive on the 6th. As Omicron has an incubation period of three to four days, the Kaohsiung City Department of Health doesn't believe the child was infected in Kaohsiung. The operators of the four sites visited by the child, however, felt differently and ordered emergency disinfection. The case has sparked concerns about outbreaks during the Chinese New Year holiday.

Citizen: “Everyone wants to go on vacation during the Chinese New Year holiday and that supersedes epidemic prevention. You end up with huge crowds everywhere. It wouldn't be surprising to see a third wave of COVID-19 explode.”

Citizen: “It's hard to get people to stay home during the Chinese New Year holiday. You can't stop people from going home to see their parents. There's not much you can do. This is how it is. What's been done is good enough.”

The department says 17 of the 28 people that have been in contact with the child have tested negative on rapid tests and PCR results have not yet come back. It says there is no need for anyone to be too concerned but everyone should still maintain social distancing and wear masks when leaving home.