Funeral Held for Mom Killed by Drunk Driver 高雄酒駕害1死3傷 死者范女今告別式

A little over a week ago, a drunk driver surnamed Huang struck a family of four, killing the mom and injuring the dad and two daughters. The parents of the victim are calling on the government for harsher penalties for drunk driving.

Mr. and Mrs. Fan are heartbroken by their daughter's death. In a statement, they called on the government for harsher DUI penalties and DUI prevention; the protection of pedestrian rights; and assistance for victims until they get back on their feet.

Mr. Chuang, Victim's Brother-in-Law: “To this day, no one has reached out to us. We haven't gotten so much as a kind word. (My parents-in-law) have been very emotional. They have so many things they never got to say to my sister-in-law.”

The accident took place a little over a week ago. A drunk driver surnamed Huang hit the family of four as they were crossing the street, killing the mom and injuring the dad and two daughters. As Mr. Lin and his daughters remain hospitalized, they couldn't attend the funeral. Mr. Lin's sister and brother-in-law have been taking care of them.

Chen Chi-mai, Kaohsiung City Mayor: “(I hope) the central government will hurry up and revise relevant laws.”

While reviewing footage of the accident, police discovered another driver did not give the family right-of-way. That driver has been fined NT$1,200. A husband and wife that were passengers in that car have been listed as witnesses in the case.








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