Search Underway for Caregiver with TB Who Ran Away 1印尼看護肺結核逃逸 衛生單位急尋人

An Indonesian caregiver ran away after she tested positive for tuberculosis. The Pingtung police have been notified to assist in the search.

An appeal is made in this video to ask everyone to assist in the search for a runaway Indonesian caregiver. On Dec. 25, this caregiver ran away, shortly after she tested positive for tuberculosis.

Foreign Caregiver Infected with Tuberculosis: “I've been in Taiwan for three years, working and cooking.”

The Pingtung County Government says this foreign worker entered Taiwan in May 2019. She worked in Kaohsiung for 2.5 years. She recently changed jobs and was sent to work for a family in Pingtung's Hengchun Township. During the required physical exam, abnormalities were found on the chest X-ray. She was confirmed to have TB on Dec. 22. Two days after starting treatment, she ran away.

Chou Yu-chuan, Section Director, Public Health Bureau, Pingtung County: “This caregiver's mobile phone has been turned off, so she can't be contacted in this way. The bureau immediately notified the police for aid in the search, which is currently underway.”

The county government said the employer immediately notified the broker and health authorities after discovering the caregiver had run away. The broker tried to contact her, but her phone was off. As TB is legally classified as an infectious disease, Pingtung's Public Health Bureau has already traced contacts and arranged for the employer and the employer's daughter to undergo chest X-rays. It also notified the previous employer in Kaohsiung to take disease prevention measures. It urges the runaway worker to return to get treatment.