2 Positive After First Batch of 7+7+7 Quarantine Finished 首批「7+7+7」檢疫期滿 2例採檢陽性

Two confirmed cases of COVID-19 are reported in Taipei City amid those entering Taiwan opting for the "7+7+7" quarantine plan. While they have been admitted to hospitals for isolation and treatment, doctors worry that the shortened quarantine period for the Lunar New Year will create a loophole in the community.

The first batch of passengers for the "7+7+7" program was being screened at the quarantine hotel one after another. If they were negative, they could return home to complete the follow-up quarantine time. However, it was reported that two people in Taipei City tested positive and have been admitted to the hospital for isolation and treatment. Some doctors worry that a similar situation may happen again. Previously, in the New Taipei kindergarten cluster incident, the "Egyptian Dad," who was in the late stage of infection, tested back and forth between positive and negative. Only public health measures can be used to prevent the virus from entering the community. 

Chiang Kuan-yu, General Physician, Taipei City Hospital, Zhongxing Branch: “There will be these types of cases. So public health measures can only lessen your risk and protect you up to 95 percent. But at 95 percent, you will have a 5 percent miss. At 99 percent protection, you will have a 1 percent miss.”

The European Union announced on the 21st that it recognized the digital COVID-19 certificates issued by Taiwan. The public is curious about whether the vaccine brand includes the domestically produced Medigen vaccine. Chen Shih-chung, the commander of the Central Epidemic Command Center, responded that what the EU recognizes is the vaccination certificate's validity. It's not only the EU, but Taiwan is also continuing to negotiate with many other countries.

Chen Shih-chung, Commander, Central Epidemic Command Center: “The vaccine certificate is to confirm the validity of this certificate. As for the certification and recognition of various vaccines, the standards adopted by each country are different.”

Chen emphasized that details of the domestic digital vaccine certificate and other related matters will be announced as soon as next week; as for the first phase of the "7+7+7" program, the CECC will uniformly announce how many people in Taiwan have been tested positive.