Man Tries Using Self-Printed Fake Stimulus Vouchers 影印偽造5倍券用來加油 2嫌裁定收押

Two suspects have been arrested after using photocopied quintuple stimulus vouchers at a gas station. The police found that another two counterfeits, along with drugs, and modified bullets.

At around 4 a.m. on Oct. 16, a 48-year-old man surnamed Yang drove a white car into a gas station in Yunlin County's Dounan Township. After filling up his car, he paid using two quintuple stimulus vouchers with a face value of NT$500 each. Gas station personnel discovered that the vouchers were color photocopied and counterfeit, and the man fled. Police located him and arrested him on Oct. 21.

Chiang Kun-ta, Director, Criminal Investigation Brigade, Dounan Precinct:"At the time the case was reported, there were two counterfeit quintuple stimulus vouchers. Following our investigation, we found two more counterfeit quintuple stimulus vouchers at the suspect's residence. The materials he used to counterfeit them included a photocopier and photocopying paper."

Police say they arrested Yang and another suspect surnamed Chen, and seized guns; drugs; and forged identification documents and license plates. The counterfeit quintuple stimulus vouchers were produced using a photocopier. The paper that was used was coarse, and there was no discoloration ink or fluorescent patterns. Simply touching the paper was enough to differentiate. The police determined the counterfeit vouchers had not yet entered the market.

Chang Li-shan, Yunlin County Magistrate:"I think that by being vigilant and with an active investigative spirit, we can crack down on (counterfeit) quintuple stimulus vouchers."

Hsieh Chin-lin, Director, Forensic Science Div., Police Bureau, Yunlin County:"You can see many tiny letters, handwriting, and lines by holding it up to the light. This is a method that people can use to easily distinguish between real and fake."

Police say the suspects, in this case, used a color photocopier to forge stimulus vouchers and attempted to use them in the middle of the night. They urge businesses to be alert. The case is being investigated and prosecuted based on suspicion of forging documents and securities; fraud; and possessing drugs and firearms. Arrest warrants were granted by a court.




斗南分局偵查隊長 江昆達表示:「報案的時候,有兩張偽造的五倍券,那我們追查之後,在犯嫌的住處,又搜出了兩張偽造五倍券。那當然有一些是影印機,還有影印紙,都是他準備偽造原料。」



雲林縣警局鑑識科長 謝金霖表示:「用透光方式,可以看到裡面很多細小微字,微小字跡及螢光線,那這些,都是民眾輕易可以辨別的地方。」