16 Visitors Stranded at Mystery Beach Cave in Nanao, Yilan 南澳神秘沙灘海蝕洞 16遊客受困整夜待援

Sixteen visitors got stranded at the Mystery Beach, a tourist hotspot in Nanao of Yilan, on the evening of the 10th. Fortunately all were rescued by 7am the next day. 

This car is screwed.

A Mercedes jeep was stuck on the beach and swamped by tides. The local fire department in Nanao, Yilan received a call late at night around 11 p.m. on the 10th, calling for rescue at the famous Mystery Beach. Sixteen people got stranded at the sea cave.

It's pretty close, but the problem is how to reach in there and even if we can, how should we get them out of there? Because the ocean waves were too strong for the fire department trucks to drive onto the beach, they asked for help from the National Airborne Service. A helicopter was dispatched from the Hualien Airport and the first group of people was successfully rescued by 6 a.m. the next day.  

Chang Shu-yao, Deputy Capt. of 2nd Team, Yilan County Fire Bureau:"The National Airborne Service dispatched a helicopter at 6:06 a.m. in morning for rescue. We were able to rescue all 16 people by 7 a.m."

All 16 people were rescued past 7 a.m. Amongst the 16 people, there were 11 adults, 5 children, and one pregnant lady. The pregnant lady and a little girl were both sent to the hospital since the lady suffered from a foot injury and the girl from scrapes on her head. Others were safe and got picked up by family members after a night of fright."

Yu I-Chung, ER Doctor at St. Mary's Hospital Luodong:"The injuries are minor. They should be fine to go home after a few more hours."

Victims said they are all family friends and together arranged a trip to the Mystery Beach for fun during the holiday. They had planned to leave in the afternoon but one of their cars got stuck on the beach so they had to stay in the sea cave waiting for rescue. The police and fire department pointed out that the government would likely cover the rescue fees since authorities did not issue typhoon warnings ahead of time.







宜蘭縣消防局第二大隊副大隊長 張書曜表示:「空勤總隊於早上6點06分,有派遣我們空勤總隊的直升機,到達現場於7點有完成,我們的吊掛任務,將16名人員全數都救出。」


聖母醫院急診主治醫師 游義中表示:「沒有說明顯的大礙,目前都安全應該觀察幾個小時,就可以安全回去了。」