Court Rejects Appeal in Kaohsiung Gas Explosions Case 高雄氣爆刑事定讞  3公務員判刑.廠商無罪

Presenter:Three government functionaries were found guilty in the second ruling of a case related to the 2014 Kaohsiung gas explosions. The Kaohsiung City Government said it respects the judges' decision as the case cannot be appealed, but said it is "regretful" that no companies were held accountable for the incident.

In 2014, a series of gas explosions occurred in Kaohsiung, destroying several roads and killing 32 people, and injuring another 321. Prosecutors charged a city government consultant named Chao Chien-chiao, who had worked as an engineer 21 years ago, and two other government functionaries, as well as LCY Group Chairperson Bowei Lee and eight employees. In the second trial, Chao and the two other functionaries were found guilty, but the others were acquitted. Prosecutors appealed, and the verdict was issued on Sept. 15. The Supreme Court rejected the appeal.

Chen Chi-mai, Kaohsiung City Mayor:”The judgment clarifies the responsibility for the negligence that occurred in the project 21 years ago. As for the usage and maintenance of the pipelines, no one was held accountable, and we are disappointed.”

Chao asked to resign immediately after, and his request was granted. He declined to comment. The Kaohsiung City Government said it respects the ruling, but it was disappointed that no companies were held criminally responsible.

Victim:” Companies should bear joint responsibility. There was poor supervision, right? Of course, this isn't fair. What can you say about this sentence?”

The majority of the victims of the gas explosions said they had no other choice but to accept the ruling. The city government said a civil appeal is still ongoing and it will do whatever it can to help.




高雄市長 陳其邁:「判決主要是針對在21年前當時在工程驗收疏失責任的釐清,管線的使用跟維護的部份,沒有人在這個部份受到追究,這個部份我們表示遺憾。」


高雄氣爆受災戶:「(業者應)連帶責任,督導不週嘛。對不對,當然不公平 。司法這樣已經判了這樣,你拿他能夠說什麼。」


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