Yang Yung-wei, Lin Chen-hao Visit Alma Mater After 2020 Olympics 楊勇緯.林真豪回高中母校 勉勵學弟妹

Chinese Taipei judo athletes Yang Yung-wei and Lin Chen-hao returned to their alma mater on Aug. 13 for a visit. Yang said he wanted to share his Olympic experience with the students, and that he will soon start training for next year's Asian Games and the Paris Olympics.

Olympic judokas Yang Yung-wei and Lin Chen-hao receive a warm welcome at their alma mater, Shin Min High School. Yang donated the outift he worn on the Olympic final and shared his experience with the students. Yang said he has many wonderful memories of the school and thanked everyone for their support. He also said he did not live up to his own expectations at the Olympics, and has started his preparation for the next Asian Games and Paris Olympics.

Yang Yung-wei, Tokyo Olympics Silver Medalist in Judo:” I have my sights set on next year's Asian Games, and then the Paris Olympics.” 

The executive coach of the Chinese Taipei national judo team, meanwhile, said central and local medal subsidies aren't enough to cultivate athletes. He called on the government to make concrete improvements to the overall sports environment in Taiwan.

Liu Wen-deng, Executive Coach, Chinese Taipei National Judo Team:” (Currently), our athletes depend on corporate sponsors to extend their careers. It's not like they graduate from college or grad school and their athletic careers are over.”

He also said the extension of athletes' sports careers needs to be a priority and this can be achieved through the cultivation of athletes and connecting one generation of athletes to the next.





東奧柔道銀牌選手 楊勇緯:「當然還是以明年亞運為目標,然後再來就是巴黎奧運。」


東奧國家柔道代表隊執行教練 劉文等:「(目前主要是)企業隊來幫助這些選手,讓它們選手生涯更加延長,不是到大學畢業了、研究所畢業了,他們就結束他們的運動生命。」