Olympic Medal Winners Return to Taiwan 楊勇緯.羅嘉翎等18選手.教練 光榮返國

Chinese Taipei athletes are performing well at the 2020 Summer Olympics. Eighteen athletes and coaches who have finished competing returned to Taiwan in business class on the 28, including silver medal-winning judoka Yang Yung-wei and bronze-medal winning taekwondo athlete Lo Chia-ling. They received an enthusiastic welcome at the airport. 

Eighteen athletes and coaches from Chinese Taipei's Olympics delegation returned to Taiwan on July 28. They received an enthusiastic welcome as they emerged from customs. Chinese Taipei athletes have performed well during the Olympics. On July 24, the first day of competition, judoka Yang Yung-wei won Chinese Taipei's first medal, a silver medal in the men's 60-kg category. It was also the first Olympic judo medal in Chinese Taipei history. Many of Yang's National Taiwan Sport University underclassmen came to the airport to welcome him back. They said they also hope for the chance to compete in the Olympics.

Tai Yu-ming, National Taiwan Sport University Judo Student:"I was watching him compete on TV. When he won, many of us were on the verge of tears. I would love to have the opportunity to compete in the Olympics."

Yang Yung-wei, Olympic Silver Medalist in Judo:"I'm a bit sad because my goal was to win a gold medal. However, these regrets will motivate me to fight for a gold medal the next time."

Nineteen-year-old taekwondo athlete Lo Chia-ling competed in her first Olympics. On July 25, she won the bronze medal in the women's 57kg category. This was Chinese Taipei's second medal of the games. Her parents greeted her with a bouquet of flowers. They said it hurt them to see their daughter having to control her weight in order to qualify for the Olympics, and said they will take her out to eat once she finishes quarantining. She wants to go eat hotpot! (What she wanted most to drink was a hand-cranked beverage.) That's right. We wanted to bring one to her, but we were afraid. (That you wouldn't be able to give it to her.)

Lo Chia-ling, Olympic Bronze Medalist in Taekwondo:"Thank you everyone for your support during the taekwondo competition. I'm happy to win a medal for the Chinese Taipei team. Thanks, everyone!"

Other returnees included weightlifter Fang Wan-ling, who finished fourth in the women's 49kg category; judo coach Liu Wen-teng; and taekwondo coach Liu Tsu-yin.

Fang Wan-ling, Weightlifter:"This was a super experience. I hope to perform even better next time, to be able to stand on the podium to receive a medal and bring glory to Taiwan."

The entire delegation returned to Taiwan via business class. Upon arrival, they were separated from other incoming travelers, with personnel leading them. They were tested, and then cleared customs. The Central Epidemic Command Center says those who have received two vaccines more than 14 days ago will only need to undergo 14 days of strengthened self-health management. Those who are not fully vaccinated will be sent to quarantine hotels. The first seven days will be spent at centralized facilities, but they can apply to the Sports Administration to go out. The CECC will also send documents to get the consent of local governments. On the seventh day, they will be tested for the second time. If the result is negative, they can leave the quarantine hotel on the eighth day and undergo seven days of self-health management.





國立體育大學柔道學弟 戴友銘表示:「在電視前面看的時候,贏的時候,我們很多人都快流淚了。如果有機會的話,是滿想要參加的。」

東奧柔道銀牌得主 楊勇緯表示:「確實會有一點難過,因為目標是金牌。不過我覺得,這也是我,就是因為有一些些遺憾,所以才會讓我,更想要下次的金牌。」


東奧跆拳道銅牌得主羅嘉翎母親表示:「她想去吃個火鍋。(本來她最想的是先喝手搖飲。) 對,因為我們剛剛本來想,幫她帶來,可是又怕說,(不能拿給她這樣子。)」

東奧跆拳道銅牌得主 羅嘉翎表示:「謝謝大家,就是非常的關注,我們跆拳道比賽的賽。然後也很高興,能為中華隊,拿下一面獎牌,謝謝大家。」


女子舉重國手 方莞靈表示:「這一次是一個很棒的經驗,希望下一次,我能夠展現更好的自己給大家。也希望下一次,我能夠站在頒獎台上,能拿一面獎牌,為台灣爭光。」



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