Kaohsiung Residents Discharged After Quarantine 高雄上月整棟大樓住戶隔離 凌晨期滿

The 146 residents of a building in Kaohsiung's Fengshan District completed their quarantine on July 13. Many returned home immediately after being released at midnight, saying they felt relieved as all of the residents tested negative in the PCR test. Some burst into tears, and said they couldn't wait to reunite with the family as the quarantine order came at such a short notice. 

The first thing that some people did upon returning home was clean.

Resident:”I think I am bursting into tear. (Do you feel like crying?) I really do.”

Resident 2:”I told my son that we finally reunite after two weeks. PCR tests showed  no problems, they were all negative so we are fine. We're safe now, and we have returned home safe and sound.”

At the end of June, five people residing in a building in Kaohsiung's Fengshan District were confirmed to have COVID-19. The source of the cluster infection was related to a person who was infected at En Chu Kong Hospital. On June 29, the city government initiated its zero cases plan and ordered all of the building's 146 people into quarantine at a quarantine hotel. The order came as a complete surprise. Some residents weren't even able to finish taking their clothes out of the washing machine before they were forced to leave. 

The quarantine ended at the end of the day on July 13. After the city government confirmed that all PCR tests had come back negative, it lifted the quarantine order. Some residents immediately returned home to start cleaning. Bus services were provided to return those residents who waited until the morning. Some borough residents said residents should be prioritized for vaccines, like during the cluster infection caused by the Delta variant in Pingtung.

Yu Shih-shan. Chief, Wenfu Borough, Fengshan District, Kaohsiung City:”Let's see if what they did after that outbreak in Pingtung caused by the Delta variant will apply to us, where people got access to vaccines. They made this request when they were ordered to quarantine. I hope the government can accommodate them.”

Pan Chao-ying, Senior Specialist, Dept. of Health, Kaohsiung City:”The 14-day home quarantine ended at 24:00 on July 13. After it was confirmed that all the residents tested negative during the last PCR test, the quarantine was lifted.”

The city government thanked the residents for their cooperation. Prior to allowing them to return home, it disinfected the entire building and tested others in the vicinity. After it was confirmed that there were no positive tests, it also lifted the restrictions on the building's public spaces. Residents are reminded that the Level 3 alert is still in effect and masks must still be worn when entering or exiting.









高市衛生局簡任技正 潘炤穎:「7月13號的晚間24點,已經完成了14天的居家隔離。並且在確認所有的住戶,在最後的PCR採檢。都呈現陰性的狀況之下,也解除了隔離。」


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