A Man in Taoyuan Detained in Suspicion of Wife-Murdering 涉嫌殺妻有逃亡之虞 丈夫遭羈押不禁見

A man is under investigation for killing his wife in Taoyuan's  Bade District on July 11. A judge ruled that there is evidence the defendant committed the homicide and could possibly flee, so the man was detained on July 12.

The man's hands are shackled as he is escorted to the district prosecutor's office by the police. This man, a 25-year-old surnamed Hsu, was arrested on the suspicion that he murdered his wife.

The murder occurred on the evening of July 11 at a building in Taoyuan's Bade District. The corpse of a 21-year-old woman surnamed Tseng was discovered by her mother inside a residence. The police were notified and went to the scene. They apprehended Hsu on suspicion of murdering his wife. An investigation is ongoing, and police are trying to determine the motive.

Wu Hsueh-an, Dep. Commissioner, Bade Precinct, Taoyuan PD:"After the police were notified and arrived at the scene, they immediately sealed off the crime scene and collected evidence. They also quickly brought back the male suspect for questioning. After the police interrogation, the case was transferred to the Taoyuan District Court for investigation on the suspicion of homicide."

Prosecutors also interrogated Hsu and determined that the defendant was involved in the crime and there was a legal basis for detention. They applied to Taoyuan District Court for permission to detain Hsu.

Voice of Liu Wei-pi, Chief Judge, Taoyuan District Court:"There is the possibility of fleeing for a crime punishable by five years or above, so the ruling was to detain him. It appears there is no collusion, in this case, so we did not bar him from having visitors."

The judge said the lightest possible sentence for the crime committed by the defendant is five years. The court also determined that he could flee, so the ruling was to detain him but allow him access to visitors.



這起命案就發生在11號傍晚,在桃園市八德區某大樓, 一名21歲曾姓女子,被母親發現陳屍在住處,警方獲報後趕到現場,當場帶回涉嫌殺妻的徐姓男子,進行偵辦,詳細發生原因持續調查釐清中。

桃市八德分局副分局長 吳學安:「警方獲報到場後立即封鎖現場並且勘察採證,並且立刻將涉嫌男子帶回偵辦。全案在警詢後,依殺人罪嫌移送桃園地檢署偵辦。」


桃園地方法院庭長 劉為丕:「五年以上的重罪也會帶有逃亡的可能性,所以裁定羈押。應該沒有串證的情形 所以不禁見。」