Legislature Agrees to Examine Nine Executive Orders|美豬牛進口行政命令 改交付委員會聯席審查

The legislature was set to examine nine executive orders on Sept. 25 related to opening up Taiwan to imports of U.S. pork containing ractopamine and beef aged 30 months or older. The original plan was just to send them to their relevant committees for reference, but parties agreed to have five committees examine them.

On the legislative agenda for Sept. 25 was handling nine executive orders related to the Council of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health and Welfare's announcements to open up Taiwan to imports of U.S. pork containing ractopamine and U.S. beef aged 30 months or older. They just had to be sent to their relevant committees for future reference, but the Kuomintang said they should be examined or else it would boycott Premier Su Tseng-chang's report on the financial relief 3.0 budget.

I should report to the Legislative Yuan and deliver it to the Legislative Yuan. We're only doing as we were instructed. I respect how the Legislative Yuan goes about its business and I'm not opposed to changing from future reference to examination.

I think we all respect the Legislative Yuan's resolutions, and a little more discussion is always good.
Neither Executive Yuan officials nor the Democratic Progressive Party caucus opposed the KMT's proposal, and agreed to the change.

The opinions are the same, whether it's the Democratic Progressive Party or any other party. The DPP will also formally propose changing from future reference to examination.

The KMT used props to show their opposition to U.S. pork imports while DPP caucus whip Ker Chien-ming attempted to speak with KMT lawmakers. In the end, all parties agreed to send the executive orders to five committees for a joint examination, averting a vote.

I'm very happy that the other parties agreed to change to having an examination and maximizing the number of committees involved. In the end, everyone jointly proposed having five committees examine the executive orders together.

Su was able to deliver his financial relief budget report. He said the additional NT$210 billion will be fully financed by borrowing, with NT$38.3 billion used for prevention and cure such as vaccine R&D and NT$171.7 billion spent on triple stimulus vouchers, corporate loan financing guarantees, and business electricity subsidies. The Executive Yuan has proposed three disease prevention plans with a total budget of NT$420 billion.


行政院長 蘇貞昌表示:「應該向立法院報告,送立法院,我們都照做。立法院要怎麼進行,我們都尊重,也不反對備查,改為審查。」

衛福部長 陳時中表示:「我想立法院它的決議,我們都尊重,多一點討論,也是很好。」


民進黨立委 陳亭妃表示:「不論是民進黨也好,任何黨派,他們的意見也就是如此。那民進黨也會正式提出,由備查改為審查。」


國民黨立院黨團總召 林為洲表示:「很欣慰啦,其他各個黨都同意改為審查。而且極大化參與的委員會,所以到最後,大家就一起共提,讓五個委員會一起聯審。」