Lawmaker Chao Cheng-yu Released on NT$1M Bail|趙正宇百萬交保 辦公室主任羈押禁見

Prosecutors have detained 10 people involved in the bribery case. Legislators including Su Chen-ching, Liao Kuo-tung, Chen Chao-ming, Chao Cheng-yu, and New Power Party Chair Hsu Yung-ming on bribery and corruption charges. In the latest development of this Legislative Yuan scandal, independent Legislator Chao Cheng-yu handed over NT$1 million in bail, while his office manager Lin Chia-chi remains in detention incommunicado. The other eight people were interrogated in order starting at 9 a.m. on Aug. 3.

Independent lawmaker Chao Cheng-yu rushes away from the media without answering any questions. Chao, part of the corruption scandal rocking the Legislative Yuan, was released on NT$1 million bail on the 2nd but is banned from leaving the island. Charges against him are pending. His office manager, Lin Chia-chi, is being held incommunicado.

Authorities detained 10 people in total on the 1st and began questioning them on the 3rd. The first to be questioned were DPP lawmaker Su Chen-ching and his office manager, Yu Hsueh-yang. Next were KMT lawmaker Liao Kuo-tung and his office manager, Ting Fu-hua.

During the marathon detention hearing, the driver of former Pacific Distribution Chair Lee Heng-lung delivered Lee's medicine to the courthouse.

He has to take this medication. He won't survive without it. He's been taking it for over 10 years. He had a kidney transplant. Mr. Lee had a kidney transplant. So, he has to take this medication.

Su Chen-ching is the nephew of Presidential Secretary-General Su Jia-chyuan. On the 2nd, Su Jia-chyuan announced his resignation, saying he is the victim of slander and accusations about him using his position to illegally benefit himself and his family are false. He also apologized for the trouble he has caused President Tsai Ing-wen. Tsai has approved his resignation and will replace him with his deputy, Liu Chien-sin.

Secretary-General Su Jia-chyuan has resigned as secretary-general so as not to cause President Tsai and the Democratic Progressive Party any more trouble. He also declares his commitment to protecting his good name.

KMT Chair Johnny Chiang, also responded to the allegations facing Liao and fellow lawmaker Chen Chao-ming.

The Kuomintang cannot accept any of its legislators accepting any kind of bribes.

The policy committee will not remove his party membership. We will only strip them of their position and replace them.

The New Power Party gained a foothold in local politics with its anti-corruption and anti-bribery platform. The involvement of party Chair Hsu Yung-ming therefore deals a heavy blow to the NPP. Hsu has been removed from his post with lawmaker Chiu Hsien-chih stepping in as acting chair. Chiu says Hsu's case will be referred to the party's disciplinary committee and the party will conduct its own investigation.




李恆隆司機 江先生表示:「因為這個是一定要吃的藥,沒有吃不行,吃十幾年,換腎,李先生換過腎,所以說這個藥一定要吃的。」


民進黨立委 許智傑表示:「蘇嘉全秘書長,為了不讓蔡總統,跟民進黨困擾,而辭去秘書長,也宣示他守護他清白的決心。」


國民黨主席 江啟臣表示:「國民黨絕對不能夠接受,有任何的國會議員,任何的從政同志收賄的事情。」

時代力量秘書長 陳志明表示:「決策委員這邊,是不會處理到黨員身分的這個部分。目前的話,我們是就職務的部分,先做停止跟代理的動作。」