Premier Attempts to Downplay Voucher System Crashes|領三倍券狀況多 蘇揆:買五月天門票也會當機

C. Chuang
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Triple Stimulus Vouchers were distributed starting on July 15, and the first day was marked by crashing systems due to high demand. Premier Su Tseng-chang says five million people have already collected their vouchers, showing that everyone loves these vouchers.

Premier Su Tseng-chang donned VR goggles and tried out new technologies during a visit to Microsoft's Taiwan office on July 17. He used the opportunity to encourage foreign businesspersons to step up their investment in Taiwan, and added that Taiwan welcomes Hong Kong capital as well. The government's Triple Stimulus Vouchers were made available on July 15, and marred by excessive system crashing. The premier said the problems arose because many people went online during the first day, but the government immediately resolved all the problems.

Five million people have collected their vouchers in just these two days. Although systems crashed briefly during the first day when too many people went online simultaneously, the same thing happens when Mayday puts concert tickets up for sale and 40,000 people buy them. Of these five million people, only 10,000 changed from digital vouchers to paper ones, so the proportion is actually not that high.

The government previously encouraged people to opt for digital vouchers instead of paper ones. However, the majority prefer to get paper vouchers. Many have even changed from digital vouchers to paper vouchers. There are concerns that counterfeit paper vouchers may emerge. In response, Su said the vouchers are printed on the same paper and use the same technologies as paper currency. He encouraged the public to spend and help the economy. The COVID-19 epidemic continues to affect the world, and the government is aiming to roll out additional financial relief measures to help affected industries.

We're currently in the last stage of consolidation. After they're passed during next week's Executive Yuan meeting, we'll send them to the Legislative Yuan. We're using taxpayer money, but using it in a worthy way and not just recklessly spending it without any standards. That's why we hope we can really lift struggling industries out of their predicaments.

There are reports that Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Hong Kong acting representative Kao Ming-tsun has encountered problems in getting his work visa approved, and was asked by the Hong Kong government to sign a document agreeing to the one China principle. Su claimed Taiwan is a sovereign and independent country, and he will uphold Taiwan's sovereignty.


行政院長 蘇貞昌表示:「光這兩天,就5百多萬人完成了領券。在第一天,雖然因為一時那麼多人突然上線,有稍微短時間當機。但你看五月天賣演唱會的票,4萬人(買)也會當機。5百多萬人裡面,1萬人怎麼樣子(換券),其實比例並不是很高。」


行政院長 蘇貞昌表示:「正在盤整最後的階段,下個禮拜的院會通過後,會送到立法院,因為這是人民納稅錢,我們也是要用在刀口上,不是漫無準則的亂花一通。所以我們都希望,真正讓受困的產業,能夠走出困境。」