Family of Soldier Killed in Accident in Shock|蔡博宇演訓意外身亡 張麗善慰問家屬

C. Chuang
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Two marines were killed during a rehearsal for the upcoming Han Kuang military exercises on July 3. One of the victim is Soldier Tsai Po-yu, who died days before his 27th birthday. His family was extremely sad and refused to comment on the investigation result. Yunlin County Magistrate Chang Li-shan offered her condolences to the Tsai family.

This person expressing his hope that the future will be without mishap is 26-year-old Marine Corps soldier Tsai Po-yu. He died after sustaining injuries in an accident that occurred during a rehearsal for the Han Kuang military exercises. His family decided against resuscitation efforts, and Tsai was pronounced dead on July 5. His father was in a state of shock.

It's July 7 today? That's his birthday, today is his birthday. I completely forgot, I just forgot.

The elder Tsai said he has been in a state of shock since the accident occurred, as well as extremely sad. He declined to comment on the Navy's investigation into the accident. Meanwhile, other family members said Tsai enlisted in August 2016, and was set to be discharged in less than one month's time. He had plans to reenlist. Whenever he had time off, he would return home to help out on the family farm. The Tsai family said the compensation offered by the military is too low, and urged it to reconsider the amount.

His mother passed away just last year, and he passed away this year. This means that problems may arise in my brother's life. The Ministry of National Defense said it will give NT$5 million in compensation. To be honest, my brother is extremely sad.

We hope the Ministry of National Defense can offer a more favorable compensation. Right now the sum of the compensation and accident money is much less than what a young life is worth.

Yunlin County Magistrate Chang Li-shan said Tsai was just 26 when he died in the line of duty, which saddened everyone. She offered her condolences to the Tsai family, and urged the military to offer assistance to the family and the Ministry of the Interior to help get Tsai enshrined in the Martyrs' Shrine to fulfill the wishes of the family.


蔡博宇爸爸 蔡健生表示:「7月7號嗎? 今天是他的生日,哇,今天是他的生日,我忘記了,我都忘記了。」



雲林縣縣長 張麗善表示:「我們也希望國防部這邊,能夠從優撫卹,尤其是現在撫卹金,跟意外加起來,對一個年輕生命,是非常不值得。」