Chen Chi-mai Announces Campaign Team|陳其邁公布競選團隊 強調青壯世代

M. Chuang
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On the progress of the Kaohsiung Mayoral by-elections, the Democratic Progressive Party's candidate, Chen Chi-mai, announced his campaign team on June 22.

On the 22nd, Democratic Progressive Party Kaohsiung City mayor candidate Chen Chi-mai went hiking on Chaishan with his new campaign spokesperson team.

Liao Tai-hsiang will be the director of our online department. He is also on our spokesperson team along with Lin Chih-hung, Huang Wen-yi, Kao Min-lin, and Chiu Chun-hsien.

The entire team is made up of young Kaohsiung City councilors. Chen also appointed Enoch Wu as his youth and international affairs advisor in an attempt to appeal to younger voters. Hsu Li-ming, a former acting mayor, is also on Chen's campaign team.

Over on the Kuomintang side, several Kaohsiung City councilors including Lee Ya-ching, Tsai Chin-yen, and Huang Shao-ting have expressed interesting in running. According to reports, the party has not expressed support for any individual councilor for fear of upsetting the others. Lee says she will support whoever the candidate ends up being.

The KMT can't afford division. Only if we stand united do we have a chance of winning the election. That is what we will do.

The party's seemingly lackadaisical attitude has supporters worried. Tsai says the party can't be considered "behind" if it announces its candidate by the 24th and KMT city councilors will stand united.


民進黨高雄市長補選參選人 陳其邁表示:「廖泰翔,現在是我們網路部的主任,這次同步擔任我們的發言人之外,我們競總的部分也委請包括:林智鴻、黃文益、高閔琳、邱俊憲,來協助我們擔任發言人的工作。」



國民黨高雄市議員 李雅靜表示:「國民黨其實沒有分裂的本錢了,大家也都知道,唯有團結,才有勝選的機會,所以我覺得,不會有誰提名誰,誰不服氣誰。」