Kaohsiung Residents Want New Mayor Now: Vice Premier|陳其邁:高雄市民心聲 期待儘快有新市長

After Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu was recalled on June 6, the focus has now shifted to who will be appointed as the acting mayor and the by-election. During an interview, Vice Premier Chen Chi-mai said what Kaohsiung residents want is a new mayor immediately. Meanwhile, there are calls within the Kuomintang for the party to nominate former New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu as its candidate for the by-election.

The change in one year is just like a sea wave.

Vice Premier Chen Chi-mai lamented the changes to Kaohsiung that took place over the past year and a half, comparing them to sea waves. Mayor Han Kuo-yu was recalled on June 6, and the focus has now shifted to who will serve as the acting mayor and the by-election. There are reports that the Executive Yuan has a two-phase plan. In an interview, Chen claimed that what Kaohsiung residents want is a new mayor immediately.

The recall ended, and a lawsuit was filed immediately, so there be another long delay. I think, and this is my personal opinion, that residents want a new mayor immediately so that the city can reboot and move forward.

The answer that Chen, who lost the 2018 Kaohsiung City mayoral election to Han, gave may have been a hint that he is one of the candidates the Executive Yuan is considering for acting mayor. He may also be nominated by the Democratic Progressive Party as its candidate in the by-election. Meanwhile, the Kuomintang is still deciding on its candidate. There have been calls for the party to field former New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu. His office said there is no reason not to shoulder this responsibility. Current New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-ih said Chu is a good choice. However, Chu's current household registration is not in Kaohsiung.

Everyone is willing to work hard for the benefit of Kaohsiung residents, so I think regardless of whether it is Eric Chu or someone else, we should take on this responsibility at this time.

This issue of whether the Kuomintang should cultivate a new generation of young talents in Kaohsiung and give them more opportunities and space to grow has been discussed for a long time. I think this is a direction it can consider.

The KMT also said Han is the one who should make a decision on whether to file a lawsuit to invalidate the recall. The party intends to unify at this current stage and identify local candidates with potential. KMT Cultural and Communications Committee head Wang Yu-min says the focus is not only on winning the by-election, but also on continuing to make progress in Kaohsiung.

行政院副院長 陳其邁表示:「一年的變化,實在是就像是海波浪一樣。」


行政院副院長 陳其邁表示:「罷免結束完,然後又馬上提訴訟,又拖了很久一段時間,我覺得,我個人看法,我覺得,其實市民是期待趕快有一個新市長,這個城市重新開機,往前再走。」


國民黨立委 林奕華表示:「大家都願意一起為高雄市民來努力,所以我覺得不管是朱立倫,或任何人,其實我都希望這時候,都能夠把這樣的擔當拿出來。」

國民黨立委 李德維表示:「從長久來講,國民黨是不是應該在高雄,在地培養更多的年輕的一輩?讓在地的年輕人,有更多的機會,發展的空間,我覺得,這也是可以思考的方向。」