Princess Cruises Cancels Summer Voyages|全球疫情未歇 "公主郵輪"7月8航次全取消

The airline industry has been dealt a severe blow by the global pandemic and Taiwan's two largest airlines are allowing employees to take leaves of absence. Starting May, China Airlines also implemented a shorter workweek that will continue through July. Princess Cruises, a subsidiary of the world's largest cruise company, has also announced the cancellation of summer voyages.

Princess Cruises has announced the cancellation of summer voyages due to closed harbors around the world. Diamond Princess voyages departing from Japan have been canceled until autumn and the eight Majestic Princess voyages departing from Taiwan in July have all been canceled as well. The company's agent in Taiwan says it has started processing refund applications.

There were early-bird discounts running at the beginning of last year and summer cruises are always popular. Our booking rate was therefore 70 or 80 percent.

The agent says cruises in Taiwan are packaged like charter ships and payment on summer cruises was due at the end of last year. Whether cruises will resume in August remains unknown.

Taiwan's two largest airlines, meanwhile, have started accepting leave applications. China Airlines implemented a four-day workweek this month for at least three months.

The union agreed to a shorter workweek and the company agreed not to lay anyone off. Of course, if the situation worsens this is still a possibility. Negotiations are continuing to clarify certain points.

According to a corporate memo, China Airlines cut the wages of executives by 25 percent and the wages of second- and third-tier managers by 20 percent. All other employees got a pay cut of 15 percent. These adjustments will save the airline NT$450 million over the next three months.

公主郵輪在台灣官網宣布,受到各地港口關閉,全球船隊將復航時間再 往後延,其中鑽石公主號由日本出發的航次將取消到秋季,而原訂由台灣出發的盛世公主號,七月份共有8個航次,也全數取消,在台代理的旅行社已經收到公司通知,旅客即日起可以申請退費。

公主郵輪代理旅行社 業者廖宇宸表示:「那像去年開始做郵輪早鳥優惠,在銷售的時候,它其實銷售數字,都滿漂亮的,尤其它又是在暑假期間出發的航次,所以其實在去年來說,它已經銷售的熱度,已經達到七、八成。」

華航自五月起 每週三實施"減班休息日"


華航企業工會理事長 劉惠宗表示:「我們之前協議就講說,工會同意,就是減班休息的情況下,公司也不裁員,說狀況會更壞,當然不排除,但是我們基本上,就是會跟公司,再把這個談清楚。」

根據華航日前發布的內部公告,5月起,一級以上主管,減全薪 25%,二級和三級主管,減全薪20%,一般員工減全薪15%,加上全集團每週多一日減班減薪措施,三個月下來,大約能減少4.5億元的支出。

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