Man Lights Up Tissues for Fun Inside KTV|網友PO包廂點燃衛生紙玩鬧 消防員搖頭

A netizen posted a video showing a group of people burning tissue papers and waving them inside a KTV room for fun just a few days after the deadly fire at Cashbox KTV's Linsen Branch. The firefighters deemed such gesture as extremely dangerous.

The man dressed in black holds tissue papers in two hands and waved at the music after he lighted the paper on fire. His friends even used the gas stove to light up the tissues when the fire went out. Such a dangerous move had people inside the KTV room laughed out loud.

It could be that he was having fun with his good friends. They were all drunk, but they should know to control themselves.

The male friend said the video was taken a few months ago in a KTV room inside a shrimp-catching farm at Pingtung Ligang. They started the fire to add to the fun while they were drunk, but such a clip has made the firefighter shake his head.

In the process, we've seen him using a gas stove inside a closed space. Once the gas leaks out and comes in contact with a fire source, there is definitely a concern of explosion.

The Kaohsiung Fire Department has made a video showing how people should evacuate and escape when singing in a KTV room. The Department hopes the KTV operators could play the video before the consumers start having fun.

The first thing you should do when you step into that room is to know that this is not a place where you usually go to; therefore you need to pay attention to the safety of the environment, including escape routes and fire safety equipment. The fun part comes last.

After a victim was choked to death by the smoke in the Cashbox KTV fire tragedy, the Fire Department further reminded that in case of a fire, one should close the door and shut off the air conditioning system as these are the key steps to save one's own life.




高雄市消防局科員 鄭又誠表示:「過程中我們看到,他用瓦斯爐具開關這方式,如果這東西,在一個密閉空間裡面的話,它瓦斯外洩,當然又碰到火源,會有爆炸疑慮。」


高雄市消防隊員 林敬廷表示:「第一個優先,你光踏進那個門,你只要知道,那是你平常不會去的地方,你就應該要注重現場安全,包括是路線、包括防火的設備,最後才是享樂。」