Banks Order Vacationing Workers to Work from Home|富邦金&國泰金 曾赴11景點員工須居家辦公

Huge crowds had hit tourist hotspots around Taiwan over the long weekend without any social distancing, causing concern that it may have facilitated the spread of COVID-19. On April. 6, companies including Fubon Financial Holding and Cathay Financial Holding are ordering workers who have visited any of the 11 destinations that Central Epidemic Command Center had issued warnings for, to work from home for two weeks.

Employees pass through a thermal scanner and then get their temperature checked on the first day back from the long weekend. Cathay Financial Holding checked whether employees went on vacation during the long weekend and has banned staff that visited the 11 tourism sites on the government's warning list from entering the office on the 6th. The employees must work from home for the next two weeks.

They sent out a departmental questionnaire via Line yesterday. And then, during the pandemic period -- so, I am considering cancelling all my travel plans in the second half of the year.

The company was worried about infection coming back from the long weekend so they informed us that we have to wear masks at all times in the office.

The 11 sites include Alishan in Chiayi, Dongdamen Night Market in Hualien, Guanziling and Hutoupi in Tainan, Cishan Old Street in Kaohsiung, and Kenting. An estimated 1,200 of Cathay's 40,000 employees in the banking, securities, and insurance sectors will be working from home the next two weeks. Fubon Financial Holding has issued a similar work-from-home directive, and one public bank will follow suit.

Based on my understanding, I think there might be one.

Hon Hai has similarly ordered employees that visited any of the 11 sites to work from home for a week starting the 6th, and to not return to the office until they are sure they are healthy.


國泰金控員工 李小姐表示:「昨天就非常迅速地,我們第一個時間,其實是透過LINE的方式,去做各個部門的調查。然後疫情爆發期間,所以原本自己下半年,有計畫的旅遊,目前應該就是會先考慮取消。」

國泰金控員工 張先生表示:「連假回來,怕有防疫的破口,所以公司也算滿緊急,跟同事說,必須要全程戴口罩上、下班。」


財政部長 蘇建榮表示:「我的了解,應該好像有一家吧。」