2020 Lantern Festival in Taichung Reflects Current Events|台灣燈會后里展區 表演呼應生活時事

Tiffany Chien
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The 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival is taking place in Taichung Houli Horse Ranch with a variety of lantern exhibitions. The Ministry of Culture has also arranged for street performers and art performance groups to perform live at the festival with different venues every day. Let's take a look.

The official 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival has opened in Taichung, with lantern displays at the Houli Flora Expo Site and the Wenxin Forest Park. There are live performances which include dancing, traditional Chinese opera and new circus acts that are rarely-seen at the Houli Horse Ranch every day at dawn.

We've derived themes from everyday life and added in circus elements to allow people to have more imaginations.

The circus act reflects current events in such ways that the performance incorporates depictions of people's lives during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Our acts incorporate current events such as the coronavirus epidemic. We use face masks in our performances which has made audiences laugh. They would in turn respond by saying facial masks are hard to come by these days.

In response to the effect of the COVID-19 epidemic, many people have chosen to stay indoors instead, but many people still bring their family members to participate in the Lantern Festival.

We just came back from Kenting and saw the news about the Lantern Festival at the Highway Stops, so we decided to bring the kids here.

The circus acts we've seen before are usually stunts, but the performance we saw at the Festival encompassed things that normal office workers would do.

The 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival is hoping to bring fantastic art performances by having a variety of performance groups on stage and street performers showing their talents throughout the park.


發現特技劇團團長 崔哲仁表示:「取自生活會有的事情,然後再套入馬戲的元素,所以讓大家可以有更多的幻想、想像空間。」


發現特技劇團團長 崔哲仁表示:「像最近有這個疫情對不對,所以我們會用口罩,套入我們的表演裡面,像這種東西,觀眾就會,下面就會一片,覺得很好笑,他們就會呼應說,最近都搶不到口罩。」


民眾 黃媽媽表示:「我們剛從墾丁玩回來,經過休息站,看到這個消息,就帶孩子過來這裡看看。」

民眾 黃同學表示:「之前看過的表演,就是直接做特技,這次看到的表演,前面會做一些,現在有些上班族會做的事情。」