Survey Finds 87 Percent Want to Work Abroad|鼠年轉職海漂意願增 日.美.東協最熱門

Many people choose to change jobs in the period before and after the Lunar New Year. According to a survey conducted by employment website yes123, 87.8 percent of job applicants said they are considering going abroad to work, which is higher than the 84.6 percent registered in 2019. Japan, the United States, and Southeast Asia are the favored destinations.

Lu Jen previously worked as a manager at an online media outlet. She recently decided to leave this job due to its long working hours and heavy pressure after finding an opportunity for a working holiday in Slovakia.

I think the biggest advantages of working abroad are the social benefits. The annual leave for people under the age of 30 is 20 days. If you're over 33, you get 25 days, regardless of your seniority.

Frank holds a master's degree in electrical engineering and previously worked as an engineer at a consultancy. His monthly salary was only adjusted by NT$800 after three years. He also discovered that getting promoted was difficult, so he decided to work in Belgium. Now, he has returned to Taiwan and is working as a livestream host.

Salaries are high at foreign companies, but there are greater job responsibilities. You might have to work weekends or work overtime until 9 to 10 p.m.

Taiwan's salaries have remained stagnant for many years, and many people have decided to go abroad in search of higher salaries. The period before and after the Lunar New Year is a popular time to switch jobs. A survey conducted by employment website yes123 shows that 87.8 percent of respondents are considering going abroad for work. This number is higher than the 84.6 percent recorded in 2019 and the highest rate since 2014. It also translates to 7.36 million workers that are hoping to work abroad. The top five favored destinations are Japan, the United States, Southeast Asia, Australia or New Zealand, and Hong Kong or Macau. The respondents also said they aim to earn 2.12 times their current salaries.

Taiwan's corporate and dietary cultures are more similar to those of Japan, so there are quite a few people seeking to work in Japan's service industry. With regards to the United States, I am seeing some exchanges in the tech industry.

The website reminds the public that people who go abroad to work will need to adapt to a new culture and consider the local cost of living. They need to determine if they will be able to add to their savings. Moreover, if overseas jobs are low level ones in the livestock or service industries, these experiences won't add to one's competitiveness upon the return to Taiwan. The website therefore urges people to think things over thoroughly before making a decision.


海漂族 呂仁表示:「在國外我覺得工作最大的優勢,就是他們的福利,有關於年假這部分,30歲以下你就有20天,你超過33歲就有25天的年假,不管你的年資多少。」


海漂族 Frank表示:「外商的薪資條件高,可是它就是比較責任制,你可能會沒有週休二日,或是需要加班到9點、10點。」

近年來台灣薪資漲幅速度慢,不少民眾為了謀求更好的薪資,開始思考年後轉職甚至是加入海漂族的行列。根據yes123求職網最新調查,有87.8%求職者透露,考慮到海外工作,高於去年的84.6%,比例更續創2014年以來新高,而且換算下來,大約有736萬人想當海漂族,最想去的海外工作地點前五大熱門地區分別為,日本、美國、東協地區,澳洲或紐西蘭及港澳,平均希望拿到 2.12 倍的月薪。

求職網發言人 楊宗斌表示:「台灣很多的企業文化跟飲食文化,我覺得跟日本比較有關係的情況下,確實滿多人嚮往,日本的一些這個服務業,在美國的部分,某種程度上也坦言看到,科技業這邊的交流。」