Minority Parties Release At-Large Legislator Lists|吳蕚洋披"安定力量"戰袍 列不分區第7名

The countdown is on for the elections and political parties are announcing their at-large legislator candidate lists. In particular, Wu E-yang, who sparked a honey lemonade craze during last year's Taipei City mayor election, is on the "safe" section of the list of the Greater Taipei Stability Power Alliance. Psychiatrist Teng Hui-wen is first on the Green Party's at-large legislator candidate list.

The Greater Taipei Stability Power Alliance has released its at-large legislator candidate list.
Let's strike the bell of hope.

Wu E-yang sparked a honey lemonade craze during the Taipei City mayor election last year after saying the drink did wonders for his singing voice. He is listed seventh on the alliance's candidate list.

We need to pray for Taiwan, for better days ahead for Taiwan.
The alliance's referendum against the legalization of same-sex marriage garnered over seven million votes. It hopes to ride the wave into 2020 and win at least 5 percent of the at-large legislator party votes.
I am opposed to any and all forms of gender discrimination, whether it's speech, educational activities or concepts. (I hope) the government can establish a dedicated mental health care agency within the existing system.
Psychiatrist Teng Hui-wen, meanwhile, is listed first on the Green Party's list. Many believed she would be on the New Power Party's list. Taiwan Solidarity Union candidates also registered for the race while proclaiming that the Kuomintang's list was a betrayal of Taiwan. With the elections approaching, minority parties are doing everything they can to get attention.
安定力量不分區立委被提名人 吳蕚洋:「讓我們敲希望的鐘啊…」
安定力量不分區立委被提名人 吳蕚洋表示:「應該是要為台灣來祈禱,希望台灣能夠真正更好。」
綠黨不分區立委被提名人 鄧惠文表示:「反對任何助長性別歧視的言論,跟觀念的一切,例如教育活動或是概念。是在現有的這個精神醫療上面,能夠有獨立的政府的對應單位。」