Taiwanese Band Sings to Support HK |撐港開唱 滅火器唱林夕填詞"雙城記"開場

Taiwanese band, Fire EX. released a new song called "Twin City" written by Hong Kong lyricist Lin Xi. On Nov. 17, Lin Xi also participated in the "Support Hong Kong, Fight for Freedom" concert held at the Liberty Plaza.

Yesterday, we've committed a crime of tomorrow. People with heart are sinned because they don't know how to flatter.

Taiwanese band, Fire EX's new song "Twin City", is about the current situation in Hong Kong and the confrontation between the anti-extradition protesters and the police. The band was playing for the "Support Hong Kong, Fight for Freedom" concert held at Sunday night on November 17th.

They suppressed us by dirty hands, and carried out domestic punishment out in the public. We turned water into armor.

The lyrics to the song are full of helplessness towards authoritative suppression. It comes from a well-known lyricist, Lin Xi, also known as Asia's "god of lyrics."

It was the dawn of that day in 1987. The situation in Hong Kong was the same as that in the movies. One is movie and the other is the real situation in Hong Kong.

The song "Hold up the Umbrella" , which was sung by fellow artists such as Anthony Wong Yiu-ming and Denise Ho during the Umbrella Movement in 2014, was also written by Lin Xi. Now he continues to write lyrics and support Hong Kong in the midst of this anti-extradition protests.

We are holding on not because we think there is a chance. We are holding on because we believe that hope will come through if we persist.

Five years ago, when "Occupy Central with Love and Peace" took place in Hong Kong, the artists who voiced their support had been shut out by the China market and kept out by the main stream in Hong Kong. For example, actor Anthony Wong supported the Umbrella Movement and did not get approached for nearly 5 years until a non-mainstream movie "Still Human" came knocking and landed him the Best Actor in the Hong Kong Film Award.

Famous Hong Kong actor Chapman To who often debates about the anti-extradition protests on TV shows was also shut out by China for 5 years because he previously voiced his support for the Umbrella Movement. Denise Ho, who was not new to protests, had lost the market in China long ago. No brands are willing to ask her to be the spokesperson for their products. For most artists, speaking about politics is still a taboo. From the Umbrella Movement to the anti-extradition protests, those who are willing to voice their supports are still the ones who had done so in the past.

樂團 滅火器:「昨天已犯了明天的罪,有心的人,原罪是沒本事諂媚。」


樂團 滅火器:「他們用黑手打壓,赤裸裸施行家法,我們用流水,變成盔甲。」


香港作詞人 林夕表示:「1987黎明來到的那一天,那個畫面完全跟香港的一模一樣,一個是電影,一個是香港的實況。」


香港作詞人 林夕表示:「我們不是因為認為判斷有希望,才堅持下去,我們相信堅持下去,才有希望。」