Salmonella Nearly Kills Egg Vendor|碰雞蛋後未洗手就進食 女大腸9成壞死

An egg vendor in Kaohsiung recently came down with salmonella after handling eggs and then eating food without first washing her hands. By the time she came in for treatment, over 90 percent of her large intestine was necrotized. She has now recovered following surgery and a one-month hospitalization.

People are advised to wash their hands thoroughly after handling eggs.

The eggs are laid on the ground, and come into contact with chicken feces, so of course you have to wash your hands.

Recently, a 35-year-old egg vendor in Kaohsiung sought treatment after coming down with fever, diarrhea, and abdominal swelling. She was transferred to a large hospital. While undergoing surgery, doctors found that over 90 percent of her large intestine was necrotized. They removed about 100 centimeters of the necrotized large intestine.

We found that a large portion of the large intestine had ruptured and necrotized, and it was accompanied by peritonitis. The surgery we carried out was to excise the necrotized parts and create a temporary anal sphincter.

This woman frequently handled eggs and then ate food without first washing her hands, resulting in salmonella. The infection was complicated by toxic megacolon. She recovered after surgery and a one-month hospitalization, although she will only be able to defecate through an intestinal stoma.

The symptoms are generally the same as those of gastroenteritis. Most people recover after receiving antibiotics or intravenous drips. Such as serious case like this one is actually quite rare.

Doctors say the salmonella bacteria are present in animal feces. As eggs may come into contact with chicken feces, people are advised to purchase washed eggs and clean their hands thoroughly after handling eggs.


雞蛋零售商表示:「(雞蛋)現在生在一大片土地,它會有雞屎,(放養的) 有雞屎,對,對,當然要洗手。」


高雄長庚大腸直腸外科主治醫師 蔡鎧隆表示:「發現有大段大腸有破裂壞死,合併有腹膜炎狀況,當下我們做的手術,是把壞死的腸子切除,做了一個暫時性的人工肛門。」


高雄長庚大腸直腸外科主治醫師 蔡鎧隆表示:「一般大部分他們的症狀,就跟一般腸胃炎一樣,大概經過抗生素,或者是點滴注射後,大部分會痊癒,她會這麼嚴重其實是比較少見。」