China Bans PRC Films and Actors from Golden Horse Festival?|傳中國抵制金馬獎參展 金馬執委會表遺憾

Following China's travel ban to Taiwan, there were reports that the China Film Administration has banned PRC films and actors from participating in the 56th Golden Horse Film Festival. The festival's Executive Committee says if the news is true, it would be very regrettable. However, it will not affect any festival activities. Executive Yuan Spokesperson Kolas Yotaka, meanwhile, says politics should not be used to oppress the arts and it's China's loss if it won't attend the Golden Horse Awards.

I hope our country can one day be regarded and treated as a truly independent entity.

Politics cast a pall over the 55th Golden Horse Awards. After Fu Yue's acceptance speech struck political nerves, PRC actress Gong Li failed to appear on stage to present an award. Gong was the chair of the Golden Horse jury that year. With cross-strait relations having continued to deteriorate over the past year, there are now reports the China Film Administration has banned PRC films and actors from taking part in this year's Golden Horse Film Festival.

For any director, entertainer or actor from China that for any political reason is unwilling to come to Taiwan to participate is, in our opinion, China's loss. Taiwan will not interfere with any entertainer's political stance because politics are politics and the arts are the arts.

In a statement, the festival's Executive Committee said it would be regrettable if the news were true but all events would be held as scheduled. The committee also said it would not have further comment on any PRC film withdrawals before the press conference announcing this year's nominees. Director Wu Nien-jen, who was the chair of the jury two years ago, says he isn't surprised by China's actions.

In this kind of political atmosphere, they would definitely have this kind of response. These creators will of course worry about the effect on their careers, etc., etc. They have their own considerations.

Some industry insiders say it is regrettable that PRC films can't take part this year but Taiwan is a democratic, open and diverse society and the door of the Golden Horse Awards has never been closed. They also expressed hopes that politics and film can exist independently.

第55屆金馬最佳紀錄片導演 傅榆(2018.11.18)表示:「希望有一天我們的國家,可以被當成一個,真正獨立的個體來看待。」


行政院發言人 Kolas Yotaka表示:「有任何來自中國的導演藝人演員,因為任何政治性的原因,不願意來台灣參加,那麼我們認為,這是中國方面的損失,台灣不會干預任何藝人,他的政治上的立場,因為政治歸政治,藝術歸藝術。」


導演 吳念真表示:「在這一種政治氣氛下,他一定會有這種這些反應嘛!那最主要是這些創作者,他們當然擔心自己的工作,會不會受影響等等等,他們有他們的考量啦!」


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