"The Flying Fish" Refuses to Carry Chinese Flag in Poland|拒五星旗 蘭嶼"小飛魚"持國旗波蘭宣揚文化

"The Flying Fish", a children's performance group from Yayu Elementary School on Orchid Island, finally raised enough money for themselves to travel to Poland and perform at the 27th Festival of the Children of Mountains. However, during the opening ceremony, the organizer gave the students a red, five-starred Chinese flag to carry, which the students refused. Fortunately, following some communication, the group was able to carry the R.O.C flag on the international stage.

To attend the 27th Festival of the Children of Mountains in Poland, "The Flying Fish" Cultural Exhibition Troupe from Orchid Island had managed to fundraise $NT3.2 million as their travel expenses.

Just prior to their departure, around forty students held a public performance of the Orchid Island's traditional Tao dance, and received a great round of applause.

"The Flying Fish" happily headed to Poland with the flag of the Republic of China, however, when it was their turn to take the stage during the opening ceremony, the organizers provided the group with a red, five-starred flag of China, which the students refused to hold. Finally, after some communication by their tour leader with the organizers, The Flying Fish was allowed to carry the R.O.C. flag onto the stage.

Later our team leader said that he went to ask the organizers but they refused and said that we have to hang the five-star flag. Every one of us declined to comply and said that we will only use our own flag, otherwise we will not participate.

After the event, the school found out that the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Poland had called the organizer to express their "concern" prior to the event. However, the principal said that students weren't affected by this incident, and they performed whole-heartedly wearing their traditional thongs to let the whole world know that Taiwan has such a special indigenous culture on Orchid Island.



椰油國小校長 陳淑雯表示:「後來我們的小領隊說,他有去請示大會,大會說不行,我們還是要掛五星旗,但是我們全部人都不同意,我們說我們只能掛我們的國旗,不然要退席。」