Kaohsiung Officials Attend Launch of Cross-Strait Maritime Route|業者稱旗津溫州小三通首航 潘恆旭參加剪綵

A local marine shipping company announced on June 25 that a mini-three links between Kaohsiung and Wenzhou in China have begun operation. Kaohsiung Tourism Director Pan Heng-hsu was also present at the launch ceremony. However, it was later found out that the maritime route has not been approved by the central government, therefore Pan apologized for controversy and said that the visit was personal and didn't attend as a government official.

A number of VIP are getting ready to cut the ribbon to launch the opening of a new mini-three links between Kaohsiung and the Chinese city of Wenzhou. Kaohsiung Tourism Director Pen Heng-hsu and KMT city councilor Huang Chao-shun are among the guests. The ceremony has drawn questions as to whether the city of Kaohsiung is allowed to open up a maritime transportation route with China.

The Mainland Affairs Council believe (the launch of the maritime route) is a deceitful political move. It only creates this appearance of bringing in business opportunities for the locals. Both the Qijin Harbor in Kaohsiung and Wenzhou City's Dongtou Harbor cannot serve as a hub for mini-three links. There's no chance for the route to work.

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) said that the maritime route opened with no permit, and that the shipping company in question has disbanded earlier on June 12. The MAC said that the company's two ships were berthed at the harbor, and did not sail away, and that the ceremony could be an orchestrated event to create a fake impression. Pen Heng-hsu clarified the situation saying that he attended the launch ceremony in private and he was not representing the Kaohsiung government.

As to whether (the launch of the new maritime route) is legal, all the officials attended through legal channels. In the future, I'll verify the nature of similar activities before attending.

It was only a trial run. We didn't say we have opened up a new route that connects to Dongtou Harbor (in Wenzhou, China).

Pen Heng-hsu does not believe his attendance to the launch event was a problem, and that he apologized for drawing criticism to Kaohsiung City government. On the other hand, legislators of the ruling DPP criticized the event and sues Pen Heng-hsu for violating the Act Governing Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and Mainland Area.

All his actions represent the Kaohsiung City government, and he is close with (Kaohsiung) Mayor Han Kuo-yu. Without Han's commission, he couldn't have promoted the new maritime route connecting both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

The city councilor has called on the legal department to examine the situation, since opening up a maritime transportation route is the job of the central government. KMT Legislator Huang Chao-shun, who also attended the ceremony, said in a Facebook post that she is sorry for not verifying the nature of the event before attending.


陸委會副主委 邱垂正表示:「陸委會認為這是政治操作的欺騙作為,意圖為地方營造發大財的假像,高雄旗津跟大陸的溫州的洞頭,都不是小三通的港口,依法並無小三通的可能。」


高雄市觀光局長 潘恆旭表示:「他們合不合法這件事情,他們循正常的管道去出席,那下次以後我在類似的活動,我會比較詳細的去核對一下。」

上和海運副總 曹坤隆表示:「我們這次只是大概是一個試航而已,並沒有說要啟動這個,洞頭這個航次。」


民進黨籍高雄市議員 林智鴻表示:「他的一切的行為都代表高雄市政府,那他又是韓國喻市長的心腹,韓國喻市長市長有沒有授權他,進行這樣兩岸直航,逾越法律權責的推動。」