Gou Denies Forming Anti-Han Alliance|傳郭台銘結合朱.王陣營 要組"抗韓連線"?

Competition is fierce in the Kuomintang's presidential primary. According to reports, Hon Hai Chair Terry Gou plans to join with the camps of Eric Chu and Wang Jin-pyng to form an "Anti-Han" alliance. Guo denied the report and said KMT can only with a united front. Gou also emphasized that there's only one alliance called "Anti-Ying" alliance.

On the 19th, Hon Hai Chair Terry Gou visited the Sun Yun-suan Memorial Museum. Gou praised the former premier for using politics to benefit the economy and said if he is elected, he hopes his future premier can, like himself, work 16 hours a day. Gou also said he hopes his premier can be filial, just, and selfless. According to reports, Gou is trying to win the Kuomintang's presidential primary by forming an anti-Han alliance with Eric Chu and Wang Jin-pyng's camps.

I categorically deny this. I think today, Terry Gou, Han Kuo-yu, Eric Chu, and Wang Jin-pyng all need to form an anti-Ying alliance.

If we have formed an anti-Han center or an anti-Han alliance, don't we ultimately need an anti-typhoon center? I think it's best if the sun is shining in the end.

Gou and Chu have both denied the reports, saying the KMT needs a united front to win. In response to President Tsai Ing-wen's recent comment that Gou has a chance to win the primary because everyone in the KMT wants to spend his money, Gou said he earned every cent he spends in contrast to Tsai, who had her education paid for by her parents, pocketed the 18 percent preferential interest rate for decades, and is using citizens' money to fund her reelection campaign.

I am spending my own money while dialoguing with voters. I earned every cent I am spending. Our president, Tsai Ing-wen, meanwhile, spent daddy's money throughout college and is now using the national treasury to fund her campaign.

The Economist Intelligence Unit's latest forecast gives Tsai a slim lead over the KMT's Han Kuo-yu. On the other hand, Han could emerge the victor if Ko runs and splits the DPP vote.


鴻海董事長 郭台銘表示:「堅決反對沒有這件事,我想我們今天應該是郭台銘也好,韓國瑜也好,朱立倫也好,王金平也好,必須組織一個抗英聯盟。」

前新北市長 朱立倫表示:「如果要抗韓中心,抗韓聯盟,我們最後是不是要有防颱中心,那我想最後還是太陽出來比較好。」


鴻海董事長 郭台銘表示:「花我自己的錢跟選民溝通,我每一毛錢都是自己賺來的,我們蔡總統念大學時候花爸爸的錢,現在當選舉時候花國家的錢。」