Anti- and Pro-Same Sex Marriage Groups Mobilize|立院審同婚專法草案 挺同反同場外聚集

While legislators are reviewing the same-sex marriage draft bill, groups that support same-sex marriage built a stage and held a demonstration near the Legislative Yuan in the hopes that the third reading of the Executive Yuan version of the special law would be passed smoothly. Meanwhile, groups that oppose same-sex marriage held a press conference just one street away and called on the Legislative Yuan to implement the results of the public referendum which had supported heterosex marriages.

Same-sex marriage supporters are gathered in the rain near the legislature and keeping a close eye on how the third reading of the same-sex marriage draft bill is progressing. The groups began gathering on Qingdao East Road, Zhongshan South Road and Jinan Road before the legislative session even convened.

The world is watching. We believe many international societies are watching to see what kind of value Taiwan will ultimately choose. Are we a harmonious society with mutual respect, or are we a society that excludes minorities? Today is an extremely important day.

Democratic Progressive Party Secretary-General Luo Wen-jia expressed the party's support for same-sex marriage, saying the party is withstanding pressure to stand on the right side of history. The groups also called on lawmakers to cast "yes" votes so transnational same-sex couples can legally marry. One street over, anti-same sex marriage groups held a press conference at National Taiwan University Hospital's International Convention Center while also keeping a close eye on the legislative proceedings and providing commentary every hour on the hour.

(If) the Legislative Yuan announces this today, we will all mourn together. After that, in 2020, we will say goodbye to the president and lawmakers that turned their backs on the results of the public referendum.

Will Taiwan legalize same-sex marriage? The world is waiting to find out.


婚姻平權大平台總召 呂欣潔表示:「那國際都在看,我們相信很多國際社會也在看,台灣到底選擇怎麼樣的價值?我們到底是一個彼此尊重,和諧的社會?還是一個排除少數群體的社會?我想今天非常重要!」


幸福盟理事長 曾獻瑩表示:「(如果)今天立法院做出這樣的宣告,那大家一起哀悼,第二個哀悼完之後,2020我們讓所有違反公投民意的,總統跟立委一起下架。」