Ko Begs the Question of 2020 Presidential Race|柯P同台宣明智 選不選2020成焦點

The upcoming 2020 Presidential Election is becoming an increasingly popular topic. Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je is considered by many as a potential hopeful. Ko recently restored the ticket discounts for retired teachers and public functionaries, a move considered by many as his way of drumming up support. Ko has also paid private visits to industry leaders recently. On April 1, Ko further made a public appearance along with John Hsuan, the honorary vice-president of semiconductor company United Microelectronics Corporation. However, both Hsuan and Ko did not answer when asked if Hsuan will support Ko in the 2020 elections.

During an anti-drug campaign, Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je and the Chief Anti-drug Consultant, who is also the Honorary Vice-president of United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), John Hsuan, examined some of the drug samples on stage. The two is seen talking closely to one another on several occasions. Ko has been frequently meeting industry leaders in private in recent months. He had also visited John Hsuan in early March.

Actually, the person who asked about me is his son (in early March). What does your son try to do by investing NT$ 1.5 billion? As long as he's investing for the right cause, he will succeed. (Mayor Ko, is running for president in 2020 a right cause?) We're here today for an anti-drug campaign.

(Will you support Mayor Ko if he runs for president in 2020?) I think as long as someone proposes the right policies, we should all support. (Does that include Mayor Ko?) I don't even know if he will run.

John Hsuan did not give a direct answer when asked whether he will back Ko in the 2020 Presidential Election. On the other hand, Ko has been making moves to integrate his political capital. Ko announced that, starting April 1, the ticket discounts for retired public servants and teachers at Taipei City's public facilities will be restored. The change will benefit more than 30,000, and many considers the move an attempt to drum up support for Ko.

Member of the Taipei City government held a discussion after the pension reform. We didn't earmark any budget (to help those affected), we only try to make the most use of the government's facilities.

Ko has denied that he's preparing for the 2020 Presidential Election. Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu said in a Facebook post that he will focus on boosting Kaohsiung' economy, which led many to believe that he will not run for president in 2020. There are also rumor that Foxconn CEO Terry Gou may be joining the race.In response, Ko said that people shouldn't waste time speculating the candidates now, since the registration results will eventually reveal the candidates. Ko said he pays little attention to the fast-changing situations around the election, and that he only focuses on the tasks at hand. Ko still gives nothing away about his future plan.


台北市長 柯文哲 VS. 反毒防毒諮詢總顧問 宣明智表示:「其實找我的是他兒子,你兒子15億資金燒下去,到下一步到底要做什麼?做對的事總會成功。(市長,選2020也是對的事嗎?)今天是反毒宣傳。」

反毒防毒諮詢總顧問 宣明智表示:「(2020有可能出來挺柯市長?)我想這個對的人有好的政見,大家都應該支持。(包括柯市長在內?) 柯市長選不選我都不知道?」


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「當時年金改革以後,我們在市府裡面討論,其實我們也沒有說,額外去撥什麼預算,只是把市府的一些場館的,應該叫做剩餘產能充分利用。」