Chu Will Invite Xi to Kinmen for Talks If Elected|朱:若當選總統 邀習金門會談發表和平宣言

Former New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu previously announced his intent to contest for the 2020 presidential election. Following his announcement, he had his first-ever Facebook livestream on Mar. 25 and said that if he is elected president, he would invite Chinese leader Xi Jinping to Kinmen for talks and to jointly issue a declaration of peace.

If I am elected president, I will achieve having the leaders of both sides of the strait go to Kinmen for talks and jointly issue a declaration of enduring peace.

On Mar. 25, former New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu took part in his first-ever Facebook livestream. He told netizens that if he is elected president, he will invite Chinese leader Xi Jinping to Kinmen for talks, and together they would issue a declaration of everlasting peace. During a public appearance, Chu said he came up with this idea to continue with spirit of the 2015 meeting between Xi and former President Ma Ying-jeou.

We should seek to continue the spirit of the 2015 Ma-Xi summit. We should take it one step further and meet in Kinmen for talks. I believe holding talks in Kinmen would be a historical milestone. Moreover, it would be something that would really achieve cross-strait peace.

Over in the pan-green camp, Deputy Legislative Speaker Tsai Chi-chang, an important member of the Democratic Progressive Party's New Tide faction, spoke about the race between former Premier William Lai and President Tsai Ing-wen to secure the DPP's nomination for the presidential election. He said Tsai and Lai's destinies are entwined no matter who the party nominates. He went on to say that if one of them wins, both of them win.

The destinies of these two people are tied together no matter who is nominated. So, if we win, I believe both of them will win. If we lose, both of them will lose.

The blue and green camps' presidential hopefuls are starting to make headlines. Meanwhile, Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je, who recently returned to Taiwan after visiting the United States, has not yet announced whether he will run for president. He has not been polling well as of late, and therefore there is talk on whether he has been marginalized.

(The blue and green presidential primaries are heating up.) I have almost… (Almost what?) I have almost been marginalized.

The next Taipei-Shanghai twin city forum is scheduled to take place in July or August. There is speculation that Ko will use this opportunity to expound on his cross-strait policies and grab the foreign affairs spotlight. Ko said he has already sent invitations to Shanghai, and the city will send Shanghai Municipal Taiwan Affairs Office Director Li Wenhui to a meeting in April to exchange opinions on the topics to be covered during the forum.

前新北市長 朱立倫表示:「我當總統,實現兩岸領導人金門會談,共同發表永久和平宣言。」


前新北市長 朱立倫表示:「應該要讓馬習會,在2015年的馬習會,能夠延續下來,更進一步的能夠在金門來見面,來會談,那我覺得金門會談,是一個歷史的一個里程碑,而且是真正能夠達到兩岸和平一個宣誓。」


立法院副院長 蔡其昌表示:「今天如果面對不管提名誰,最終開打,兩個人命運是綁在一起,所以如果會贏,我覺得兩個人都會贏;如果會輸,我認為兩個人都會輸。」


記者 vs. 台北市長 柯文哲表示:「(藍綠的總統初選 溫度升溫)差不多呀!(差不多是?)差不多被邊緣化!」