The Taipei District Court yesterday issued a verdict for a group of activists who occupied the Executive Yuan during the Sunflower Movement in 2014. While all incitement and larceny charges were cleared, several were found guilty of obstructing public law enforcement and of damaging public property. A group of sunflower movement activists entered and occupied the Executive Yuan in 2014 after their calls for the government to withdraw the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement were ignored, resulting in the indictment of 93 participants. The Executive Yuan withdrew the charges that were indictable only upon complaint when the new government took office last May, but the Taipei District Court continued with the remaining criminal trials. Verdicts have now been issued, with 8 participants including student leader Wei Yang found not guilty of incitement. ==LIAO CHIEN-YU spokesperson, Taipei District Court== The speech of defendants Wei Yang and others were expressions of dissatisfaction with the so-called CCSTA incident, stemming from personal emotion, or slogans to lead the crowd and stir up emotions in a public protest. It is not possible to determine that the speech was given with the intention of inciting others to commit crimes. However, 11 participants charged with obstruction of official duties and damaging public property were given sentences ranging from 3 to 5 months, commutable to a fine. ==LIAO CHIEN-YU spokesperson, Taipei District Court== Regarding the right to protest, the court's opinion is that there are other ways to seek redress than invading the Legislative Yuan. On the question of whether the action fit the requirements as a last resort, the court found that other possibilities still existed. Wei Yang, accompanied by the Judicial Reform Foundation and his pro-bono legal team, said that all participants should have been acquitted. ==WEI YANG student leader== Basically, regarding the Executive Yuan occupation of March 23, we believe that all participants should have been acquitted. ==YU PO-HSIANG legal team convener== The defense legal team will wait until we've received the full verdict, then confer with our clients to decide whether to file an appeal. The Judicial Reform Foundation called on the legislature to provide the public with more protection in the Assembly and Parade Act, and to stop the suppression of protest with criminal charges. TRANSLATED BY:JOHN CHEN 太陽花學運期間,發生的323攻占行政院案,台北地院今天宣判,包括學運領袖魏揚等8人涉及的煽惑罪部分,獲判無罪。不過被控妨害公務或毀損公物的11位參與者,則是被判刑3到5個月,可易科罰金。 3年前太陽花學運,參與者佔領立法院後,要求政府退回服貿協議的訴求,沒有獲得正面回應,5天後,部分參與者轉而攻占行政院,檢方依法起訴93人。去年5月新政府上台,行政院撤回毀損等告訴乃論罪的部分,台北地院持續審理煽動罪等部分,今天審結全案。其中,學運領袖魏揚等8人,觸及煽惑罪部分、判決無罪。 ==台北地院發言人 廖建瑜== 被告魏揚等人的言論 是不滿所謂服貿協議事件中 個人的情緒激動 不滿的言詞 或為群眾抗議運動 帶領群眾 還有提振士氣的 呼喊的口號 言行 那在主觀上 難認他有煽惑他人犯罪的故意 不過當時對員警暴力推擠,或是持械破壞拒馬,被控妨害公務或毀損公物的11位參與者,各被判刑3到5個月,可易科罰金。 ==台北地院發言人 廖建瑜== 就是抵抗權 或者是叫做反抗權 那本院的合議庭是認為 就是說 第一個 你是不是除了 侵入立法院的抗爭行為 沒有其他救濟的方法嗎 就是有沒有一個所謂的 最後的手段性 這一點 本院合議庭是認為 應該還有 而法院宣判後,魏揚等人在司改會及義務律師的陪同下,表達了應該全數無罪的看法。 ==學運領袖 魏揚== 基本上 我們對於整場324的 323的這個行政院占領行動 我們應該要進行一個 全體無罪的一個 的一個要求 ==義務律師團召集人 尤伯祥== 我們辯護律師團 會在收到判決書之後 跟當事人研究 要不要再提起上訴 司改會則是呼籲,立法機關正視集會遊行的意義,落實保障集遊法,把街頭還給人民,不要再用刑法,打壓抗爭。 記者 陳佳鑫 張梓嘉 陳立峰 台北報導