A group of Taiwanese political leaders and activists, including New Power Party Chairman Huang Kuo-chang and prominent student leaders Lin Fei-fan and Chen Wei-ting, were found not guilty of all charges related to the 2014 occupation of the Legislative Yuan. Judges ruled that they were using the right of civil disobedience to express their views. Another court is expected to rule on April 10 about six people who took part in the failed occupation of the Cabinet offices that took place on the same day three years ago. Leaders of the Sunflower Student Movement in 2014 were found not guilty of occupying the legislature. The court's verdict made reference to the concept of civil disobedience. ==LIAO CHIEN-YU Chief Judge, Taipei District Court== Their action was in line with the concept of civil disobedience. It did not constitute as material illegality nor trespassing without lawful excuse. Their action was justified. According to the verdict, civil disobedience includes several elements such as protesting against unlawful government action for the purpose of public interest in an open non-violent way. Lin Fei-fan urged that those who occupied the Executive Yuan and those who surrounded Zhongzheng First Police Precinct be acquitted as well. ==LIN FEI-FAN Sunflower Movement Leader== The reason why we are acquitted is because this is a case of major constitutional significance. If we are acquitted, they should also be acquitted. Chen Wei-ting criticized that the DPP government made no progress in implementing a Cross-Strait Agreement Supervisory Act that the movement called for. ==CHEN WEI-TING Sunflower Movement Leader== We urge that the DPP government take bold action and pass a strict Cross-Strait Agreement Supervisory Act that meets the people's expectation. Please don't fail those of us in the student movement three years ago. Worried that Taiwan might face more pressure from China, leaders of the student movement called for the ruling party who gained power by riding on the wave of the movement to implement the CSASA soon. TRANSLATED BY:LUKE CHIANG 318太陽花學運期間,林飛帆和陳為廷等22人因帶頭佔領國會,遭控妨害公務等罪名起訴,今天北院一審宣判,首度引進公民不服從的概念,認為佔領運動符合要件,不具實質違法,因此宣判全部無罪。林飛帆與陳為廷等人,也為同時期佔領行政院和中正一分局等參與者請命,認為大家都應該無罪。 2014年太陽花學運,包括立委黃國昌和學運領袖林飛帆陳為廷等22人遭起訴,北院今天一審宣判,法官首度參酌"公民不服從"概念,認定佔領國會不具實質違法性,判決全部無罪。 ==台北地院庭長 廖建瑜== 符合所謂公民不服從的概念 而認定並不具有 所謂實質的違法 那更不構成所謂的 無故侵入的無故 認為說有正當事由 判決書指出,公民不服從7個構成要件,包括抗議對象是政府或公眾事務有重大違法;並基於關切公益目的;抗議行為與抗議對象有關聯性;並且是公開及非暴力行為;還符合適當性,必要性,以及狹義比例原則等。至於同時期爆發的323佔領行政院,以及411包圍中正一分局行動,林飛帆也呼籲,應讓學運所有參與者都無罪。 ==318學運成員 林飛帆== 我們所獲判無罪的理由 是因為這個案件 具有它憲政的高度 如果我們無罪 他們也應該無罪 當年318學運主張退回服貿、訂定兩岸協議監督條例,陳為廷則不滿,民進黨執政快滿週年,相關立法卻毫無進展。 ==318學運成員 陳為廷== 我們希望民進黨政府 不要再退縮 儘速通過一個 符合我們民間版所要求的 嚴格的兩岸協議監督條例 不要再退縮 不要辜負三年前這一場行動 所有人的參與 318學運落幕3年,當年學運領袖憂心中方對台施壓力道愈來愈強,台灣必須建立民主防禦機制,盡速訂定兩岸協議監督條例,靠這場運動及訴求上台的執政黨,更責無旁貸。 記者 李曉儒 莊志成 陳保羅 台北報導

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