The campaign for election of Kuomintang representatives and the KMT Chair is fierce. There have been disputes about members with gang backgrounds joining to bump up numbers, and even the suspect in the murder of a policeman outside a nightclub, Wan Shao-cheng, allegedly made an application to join. Although KMT Taipei City councilor, Yeh Lin-chuan admitted that this was through the director of the KMT service station, Huang Hsiu-ling, since previously Yeh had expressed support for Wu Den-yih, this has tainted Wu. KMT Chair Hung Hsiu-chiu reiterated her stance against those with gang-related backgrounds joining the KMT. In the four days from Feb. 2 to 6, the fierce competition for positions as Kuomintang Chair and representatives has become apparent. In those four days, over 10,000 extra party members with the right to vote have joined, causing disputes and accusations of number bumping. At the central party meeting, KMT Chair Hung Hsiu-chu took a tough stance on the issue. ==HUNG HSIU-CHU KMT Chair== We do not allow those with gang related backgrounds into the party and we do not accept anyone who inducts such people into the party. Secondly, we do not accept membership for the sake of bumping up numbers for a certain candidate's support. I have issued an order for local party stations to strictly review this. A suspect, Wan Shao-cheng, involved in the beating to death of a policeman outside a night club in the Xinyi district in 2014 was reported by media celebrity Clara Chou as having applied to join the KMT. The KMT is taking the accusation seriously and reviewing how applications have been leaked. KMT Taipei City councilor, Yeh Lin-chuan broke his silence to admit that Wan's application had indeed been accepted by the director of the Taipei City KMT service station, Huang Hsiu-ling and Yeh himself had not questioned it. As Huang is standing for a party representative position, she has been very proactive in inducting members into the party to vote for her, without reviewing their applications.She has now been asked to withdraw. As Yeh had previously expressed support for former vice president Wu Den-yih, Wu has also been tainted by the scandal. ==WU DEN-YIH former Vice President== Whether or not what you say is true, whether someone had this intention, I am not yet making a judgment and have to wait for a review of the application forms, the application dates and the dates of approval, who inducted this person, who accepted the membership fee and so on, to clarify it all, until then, Councilor Yeh should not be accused of wrongdoing. ==STEVE CHAN Former KMT Deputy Chair== The party image has been affected so we must deal with this properly. On his Facebook page, KMT Vice Chair Hau Lung-bin called for a strict investigation of membership applications for the purpose of voting for certain candidates and for a public poll to be incorporated into the party voting system. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 國民黨黨主席、黨代表選舉競爭激烈,不只傳出黑道集體入黨,2月2號到2月6號,短短四天內,具有投票選舉權的黨員,就暴增一萬多人,引發人頭黨員的爭議,國民黨主席洪秀柱在中常會上提出嚴正立場。 ==國民黨主席 洪秀柱== 我們絕對不允許黑道入黨 也絕對不接受任何人 推薦黑道入黨 第二 本黨絕不接受人頭黨員入黨 已通令各地方黨部從嚴審查 針對台北市信義區夜店殺警案主嫌萬少丞的入黨申請,被資深媒體人周玉蔻公佈在臉書上,國民黨將嚴查入黨申請書外流事件。國民黨台北市議員葉林傳也打破沉默,發出聲明坦承萬少丞是服務處主任黃秀玲招募,強調自己並未過問,黃秀玲為了參選黨代表,積極招募各界人才,沒有逐一審查,已經要求她退出黨代表選舉。由於葉林傳之前表態支持前副總統吳敦義,也讓這把火燒到吳敦義。 ==前副總統 吳敦義== 至於你說是不是 有人有心來幹什麼事 這我現在還不做 這樣深度的判斷 我只能看那個先查那個表格 是幾月幾日申請的 是幾月幾日核准的 介紹人是誰 繳費人是誰 先把他查清楚 也不要冤枉到葉林傳議員啊 ==前國民黨副主席 詹啟賢== 黨的形象也因此受到影響 所以好好地處理是應該的 國民黨副主席郝龍斌也在臉書上,呼籲嚴查人頭黨員,並在黨主席選舉加入民調機制,國民黨主席五月改選,各方都動員支持者入黨,要提升當選機率,也引發人頭黨員爭議。 記者 林欣儀 陳信隆 台北報導