Samsung reveals battery flaws cause explosion of Note 7 cellphones / 三星調查證實 電池短路致Note7自燃           

In other news, following an investigation that took months, Samsung has revealed what caused its Note 7 phones to explode. The South Korean Electronics Giant cited design and manufacturing flaws in batteries produced by its suppliers as the reason that caused more than 40 Note 7s to have caught fire last year in a crisis that heavily tarnished the company's brand image globally. Samsung Electronics Co.'s Taiwan General Manager took a deep bow and apologized to all Note 7 users and retailers in Taiwan. Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 had over 40 worldwide incidents of overheating which resulted in fires and explosions since it was on sale in August 2016. Although Samsung recalled the product, but the headquarters later decided to terminate the Note 7 production. ==LI TSAI-YEH Samsung Taiwan General Manager== We will use the most rigorous attitude to set new safety standard in the industry, regain consumer's trust. Samsung in South Korea conducted internal and external investigations on the overheating. The company confirmed the cause of the fire was due to the short-circuiting in batteries. Two battery manufacturers had improper designs and flaws during the production process. ==KOH DONG-JIN Samsung Mobile Comm. Business President== The incineration was mainly caused by the negative plate being oppressed, plus the wrong position of the negative endpoint and other factors raised the possibility of incident occurrence. Samsung Electronics emphasized, in order to avoid the same problem occur to the upcoming S8 smartphones, Samsung is to adopt stringent quality control standards including eight major battery checks and ensure usage safety for consumers. TRANSLATED BY:ANTHONY LIN 深深一鞠躬,台灣三星電子總經理、向台灣Note7的用戶及經銷商,致上最深的歉意!因為三星Note7智慧型手機、去年八月開賣後,在全球陸續發生40多起自燃事件,雖然後來大規模召回、並更換電池,但最後總公司仍決定、永久停產這款手機。 ==台灣三星電子總經理 李載燁== 一定會用最嚴謹的態度 建立業界安全新標準 重建消費者的信心 而為了解Note7發生自燃原因,南韓三星電子啟動內部及外部調查,並在23號上午舉行全球網路直播記者會,證實「電池」是造成Note7自燃的主要原因,而電池之所以短路,是因為兩家電池製造商的設計不良,製程也有瑕疵。 ==三星電子行動通訊事業部總裁 高東真== 燒損事故主要是由於 負極板受到壓迫所致 而負極端錯誤的位置等其它因素 也提高了事故發生的可能性 三星公司強調,為避免未上市的S8手機重蹈覆轍,未來將採取更嚴苛的品管標準,包括8大電池安全檢測,以確保消費者使用安全。 記者 賴淑敏 蔣龍祥 台北報導