After President Trump's inauguration, he signed several important executive orders such as senate confirmed cabinet nominees to official posts; the other one was to order government departments analyzing the impacts of ObamaCare to people. President Trump has been the center of public attentions and criticisms; even the singer who performed in Trump's inauguration ceremony was criticized by fans. ==JACKIE EVANCHO American singer== Oh! Say can you see, by the dawn's early light... The 16-year old Jackie Evancho, who won the second place in America's Got Talent final competition in 2010, sang the U.S. National Anthem in Trump's inauguration. Evancho was criticized by her fans, but she defended her performance was for the nation, not a political preference. After the inauguration ceremony, President Trump and Vice-president Pence reviewed ceremonial guards and walked on the Pennsylvania Avenue getting cheers from supporters. Later President Trump signed executive orders at the Congress and the Oval Office. By tradition, the President gives out those pens after signing bills and orders. The little girl who stood next to President Trump also wanted a pen. ==DONALD TRUMP U.S. President== It's a tough group of people here. They are learning in the hard way. (There are the easy ways) Oh, that is education, right? One of the executive orders signed by President Trump was the ObamaCare related health issues. Trump has ordered departments to minimize the ObamaCare impacts and economical burdens to people. Trump also signed to encourage for more civil heath care related financial commodities, in order to turn around the ObamaCare. President Trump is to start his work by Monday January 23. How does President Trump fulfill his campaign promises? How does he interact with congressional leaders? Trump's action will certainly catch the public attentions. TRANSLATED BY:ANTHONY LIN 川普就任美國總統、回到白宮之後立刻開始工作。首先就是簽署一系列行政命令,包括正式任命國防部長馬提斯等重要閣員,以及要求相關單位研究,如何修正歐巴馬推動的健保法案。川普從競選到就職都成為話題,也連帶讓出席就職典禮和音樂會的藝人,都受到反川普民眾的攻擊。 ==美國歌手 賈姬伊凡柯== (演唱美國國歌)噢...你可曾透過曙光看見.... 2010年美國達人秀競賽亞軍、現年16歲的賈姬伊凡柯,因為出席川普就職典禮並演唱美國國歌,她受到許多粉絲的抨擊。伊凡柯受訪時強調,出席是為了國家,而不是在選邊站。 典禮結束後,川普和彭斯兩位新科正副總統,依照慣例檢閱參與就職典禮的隊伍,並在賓夕法尼亞大道上接受支持者的歡呼。回到白宮之後,川普隨即在橢圓形辦公室開始執行總統職務。 根據白宮傳統,總統每次簽署完行政命令或法案,使用的筆就分送給在場的官員或國會領袖。因為是上任第一天,一旁觀禮的家屬中,這位小女孩也吵著要一枝筆。 ==美國總統 川普== 這裡的人都不好惹喔,他們都在發憤圖強的學習....嗯..這也是一種教育,對吧? 川普簽署的行政命令當中,最受矚目的就是和健保法案相關的內容。川普要求相關單位立刻開始研究,如何歐巴馬任內的健保法案,對民眾造成的經濟和法規的負擔降到最低。另外就是鼓勵民間開發更多健保金融商品,扭轉歐巴馬任內,強制民眾參加特定健保計畫的規範。 由於就職典禮是美東時間的星期六,因此川普就任美國總統後,第一個完整的上班日是1月23號。之後他要如何兌現競選承諾,和國會朝野領袖如何互動,將是美國政壇關注的焦點。 記者 綜合報導