Today is Christmas Day, many countries around the world are celebrating the holiday with their loved ones. However, due to the truck attack incident at a Berlin Christmas market, major cities in Europe and the U.S. have taken high alert and tightened their security measures. According to American FBI reports, the Islamic State supporters plan to make attacks during the holiday season. Many famous Christmas markets in Brussels are fully decorated with holiday spirits. However, security forces made the holiday atmosphere otherwise. ==MARINA BRESCIANI Belgium Christmas Market Organizer== We are careful and we talk every hour with the police and we are in contact with them, then we set up some security measures. ==NAOMI VERACKE, Christmas market visitor== We're all a bit afraid of the attacks sometimes because it could happen anywhere at any time. But I mean we came here, there is police, military guys everywhere. Major cities in the Europe and the U.S. have taken anti-terrorists measures. After a truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market, German police had arrested two suspects at one other famous shopping center. ==ULRICH FASSBENDER, Essen Police Spokesperson== Essen police got a tip-off from security sources yesterday around 6pm that an attack was planned on the shopping mall in Oberhausen or the Christmas market next to it. We then increased our forces on the ground and we started investigating two suspects. Airports in the U.S. are filled with home returning passengers. According to the intelligence reports, the Islamic State supporters plan to attack churches and markets. The U.S. government urges citizens to be vigilant. French government also raised security alert to the highest level to prevent possible attacks in the holiday season. TRANSLATED BY:ANTHONY LIN 今天是耶誕夜,過節氣氛濃厚,但歐美各地,卻很不平靜!除了日前,德國發生了,卡車衝撞「耶誕市集」的恐怖攻擊之外,美國聯邦當局,也提出警告,伊斯蘭國的支持者,可能攻擊集會場所,而比利時首都、布魯塞爾,有社區發現、疑似爆裂物,讓各國嚴陣以待。 繽紛裝飾,還有大大耶誕樹,比利時的耶誕市集,充滿濃厚節慶感。但仔細一看,在市集旁邊,卻站著兩名全副武裝的軍人,和現場的溫馨氣氛不太搭。 ==耶誕市集負責人 Marina Bresciani== 我們很小心 而且每個小時都會和軍警談話 我們會和他們保持聯繫 並在這裡設置了一些安全措施 ==耶誕市集遊客 Naomi Veracke== 我們會有一些害怕攻擊 因為它可能在任何時間地點發生 但我認為這裡 到處都有軍警保護 過節的歡欣下、隱藏著不安,歐美各大城市,都加強恐攻安全警戒。而德國在前幾天發生了卡車衝撞耶誕市集的恐怖攻擊事件後,另一處知名購物中心旁的耶誕市集,軍警人員來回巡邏,還逮捕了兩名,疑似要進行恐攻的嫌疑犯。 ==德國埃森警方 Ulrich Fassbender== 警方在昨天下午獲得情報 有人計畫在購物中心 或旁邊的耶誕市集進行攻擊 我們增加軍警人力支援 並開始調查這兩名嫌疑犯 而機場湧現耶誕返鄉人潮的美國,則是收到情報顯示,伊斯蘭國IS的支持者計畫攻擊教會和市集等人多的場所,提醒美國公民保持警覺,而法國也提昇維安、警戒等級到最大級別,就怕耶誕佳節的歡樂氣氛,再次陷入陰霾中。 記者 綜合報導

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