President Tsai Ing-Wen was interviewed by international media. Concerning the call with US President-elect Donald Trump, she said that having a phone call with Trump did not mean that there would be any great policy change between Taiwan and the US. The New York Times reported that former senator Bob Dole was the driving force behind the call and that he received $140 thousand US Dollars from a public relations company to arrange the call and, further, had worked with the Trump camp during the campaign to arrange friendly relations with Taiwan. The Taiwan Presidential Office has denied this report. The New York Times reported that former senator Bob Dole was the driving force behind the Tsai-Trump phone call. Disclosure documents for a law firm show that Dole worked for a public relations firm as an advisor between the Trump team and Taiwan's officials to meet with them and assist in putting language favorable to Taiwan on the Republican website. The media report also stated that the PR company received money transfers totaling US$140,000 from May to October. The Presidential Office denied that the phone call was related to any effort by a PR company. ==ALEX HUANG Presidential Office Spokesperson== Services by a PR company had nothing to do with the planning of the phone call. Concerning the phone contact, we contacted the Trump team directly. This has nothing to do with a PR company. On Dec. 6, President Tsai met with a group of US media and emphasized the positive Taiwan-US relationship helped maintain peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region and across the Taiwan Strait. Tsai also mentioned the phone call did not represent a change in US policy to Taiwan. Speaking at the Legislative Yuan on Dec. 7, Director General of the National Security Bureau, Peng Sheng-chu said that Trump's foreign policy would be unclear until he actually took office. ==TSAI SHE-YING DPP legislator== Based on your reports would you say that Taiwan-US relations will continue to strengthen or was this just a flash in the pan and things will now return to the previous level? ==PENG SHENG-CHU Director General of the National Security Bureau== Trump is positive towards President Tsai and towards Taiwan, but Trump is yet to be officially inaugurated and only after Jan. 20, when his cabinet is officially in place will we know the direction of his policy in the Asia Pacific region. According to Reuters, China's Foreign Minister has said that if Tsai visits Guatemala next month, it hopes that the US will not allow her to transit in the US, so as not to send any erroneous messages to Taiwan aspirations for independence. The Presidential Office made no comment on Tsai's upcoming trip, but said it would inform the public of any decisions on either the President or Vice President's international travel plans. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 總統蔡英文和美國總統當選人川普這通電話,紐約時報報導表示前美國參議員杜爾是重要牽線者,紐約時報表示一份美國司法部文件顯示,杜爾的公關公司促成川普的幕僚和我國官員的會面,並協助將一些友台論點納入共和黨選舉政綱當中,報導還指出這家公司從5月到10月收到了14萬美元的匯款,這篇報導引發外界猜測,總統府上午強調蔡英文和川普通電話,與任何公關公司沒有關係。 ==總統府發言人 黃重諺== 公關公司在這些相關的業務 事實上沒有任何有關這一次的 電話的對話的這樣的規劃 有關雙方的這些洽繫 我們是直接跟川普團隊做洽繫 那第二這件事跟 任何的公關公司沒有關係 另外蔡英文星期二接見來自美國的記者團,蔡英文強調良好的台美關係,有助於亞太地區的和平穩定,以及兩岸關係。蔡英文也在回應外媒問題時提到,她和川普的通話,不代表美國未來政策會有重大轉變。國安局長彭勝竹星期三上午在立法院備詢時表示,還是要等川普上任後才能確定他的外交政策走向。 ==民進黨立委 蔡適應== 就你們的情報方面的研判 台美關係會繼續的穩定的升溫 還是說 這只是其中一個插曲 最後又回歸原狀 ==國安局長 彭勝竹== 川普先生對蔡總統 以及對台灣 是一個正面的一個肯定 但是目前川普先生還沒有就任 1月20號以後 他的團隊才正式到位之後 我們才能真正的看出來 他對整個亞太政策 所走的方向是什麼 據路透社報導,中國外交部6日表示蔡英文下月如果出訪瓜地馬拉,希望美國不要蔡英文在美國過境,以免對台獨勢力發出任何錯誤訊息。不過總統府對於蔡英文出訪的相關議題還是不願多說。只表示正副元首如果有任何確定的出訪行程將會對外公布。 記者 綜合報導

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