On the morning of Nov 18 local time, Taiwan's special envoy to the APEC, James Soong, attended the APEC Women's Empowerment breakfast in Peru. He sat at the same table with US Secretary of State John Kerry and the Vice President of Peru Mercedes Araoz. Soong received courteous reception as a distinguished guest. He and Kerry jointly announced the establishment of APEC Women and the Economy Sub-Fund. Taiwan and the US will cooperate on this program to promote women's empowerment. Taiwan's envoy to APEC James Soong attended the APEC Women's Empowerment breakfast and met with US State Secretary John Kerry again to announce the establishment of the APEC Women and Economic Sub-Fund by Taiwan and the US. ==JAMES SOONG, ROC APEC Envoy== At APEC, Chinese Taipei has always been an active contributor for promoting women entrepreneurship through implementing APEC multi-year project on Innovation for Women and Economic Development. ==JOHN KERRY, US Secretary of State== Thank you, Chinese Taipei. We really appreciate your special participation today. What we are doing here today is a continuum of that commitment, that vision. I'm proud to be here with all of you, and I look forward to continuing this work. Soong then had afternoon tea with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, but the meeting was kept private. Soong's daughter, Soong Cheng-mai, is also a member of the Taiwan delegation. She had a full schedule to promote Taiwan's diplomacy. ==HUANG LI-WEI, Public Television Service reporter== Soong Cheng-mai, daughter of James Soong, arrived in Peru with the delegation. She also has a role to play at the APEC. She paid a visit to the International Children's Village that was established 41 years ago and delivered a speech in fluent Spanish. ==SOONG CHENG-MAI, ROC APEC delegation member== Taiwan has actively contributed to international humanitarian aid efforts. With Taiwan's advantage in information technology, we helped establish a computer lab at the Children Village so that disadvantaged children can have access to technology. As a representative of Taiwan, Soong Cheng-mai presented the underprivileged children with stationery supplies and school bags. ==FOSTER CHILD, Peru international children's village== Taiwan's embassy has been very helpful and contributed a lot. Especially at the children's village. They helped set up a computer classroom. ==SOONG CHENG-MAI, ROC APEC delegation member== A computer lab was established with Taiwan's donations. Children can now explore their interests with a computer. In the next few days, James Soong and his daughter will attend several APEC panel discussions. Soong will be on a panel with leaders from Canada, Russia, and Papua New Guinea. He will meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Most importantly, a possible meeting between Soong and Chinese President Xi Jinping has been the center of media attention as it will be a significant exchange between both sides of the Taiwan Strait. TRANSLATED BY:CHRISTINA LIU APEC領袖代表宋楚瑜,祕魯當地時間18號一早,特別出席,APEC經濟成長婦女賦權早餐會,再次與美國國務卿凱瑞見面,而且還同桌而坐,一旁還有秘魯副總統阿菈歐絲等,受到的是貴賓級禮遇,並與凱瑞共同宣布,合作成立「APEC婦女與經濟子基金」意向,台美將合作推動婦女賦權。 APEC領袖代表宋楚瑜,一早出席「APEC經濟成長婦女賦權」早餐會,再次與美國國務卿凱瑞會面,並共同宣布合作,台美共同成立「APEC婦女與經濟子基金」。 ==APEC領袖代表 宋楚瑜== 中華台北在APEC貢獻 一直積極推動 女性獨立工作機會 特別是APEC重視女性賦權革新 ==(接)美國國務卿 凱瑞== 感謝中華台北 我們真的很感激特別參與 不管是婦權議題或願景 為你們感到驕傲 不論如何會繼續推動 宋楚瑜馬不停蹄,接著下午再跟新加坡總理李顯龍夫婦喝下午茶,不過行程保密到家。 ==ns(警車開道)== 秘魯當地警車開道,全程高規格外交禮遇,宋楚瑜的女兒宋鎮邁,也沒閒著,抵達秘魯後,外交行程也是滿檔。 ==公視記者 黃立偉== 宋楚瑜的女兒宋鎮邁 跟著老爸到秘魯之後 參加APEC首次獨挑大樑 來到秘魯當地 成立41年的國際兒童村 她不只展現親和力 在致詞時她還展現 一口流利的西班牙文 ==(接)APEC領袖代表團眷屬 宋鎮邁== 我國政府在國際人道援助上 不落人後 比如我國資訊科技發達 援助兒童村成立電腦教室 就是希望弱勢兒童村 成立電腦教室 一席輕裝,俐落剪裁,輕鬆不失優雅,宋鎮邁代父出征,來到秘魯後,為弱勢兒童送上文具與背包,展現柔性外交, ==秘魯國際兒童村 寄養兒童== 陸陸續續台灣的大使館 有給他很多的這個幫忙 特別是幫那個兒童村 成立了一個那個電腦中心 ==(接)APEC領袖代表團眷屬 宋鎮邁== 台灣捐贈的這樣子一個電腦中心 也讓小朋友可以藉著這個電腦 發掘他們的興趣 宋楚瑜父女倆,分頭拚外交,接下來幾天,APEC還有分組座談,宋楚瑜將與加拿大、俄羅斯和巴布亞紐幾內亞一組,到時候宋楚瑜,將與加拿大總理杜魯道,以及俄國總統普丁同場討論,而最矚目兩岸交流,與大陸國家主席習近平會面,強調有機會,不過能不能成行未知數,並沒有把話說死. 記者黃立偉 張國樑 秘魯採訪報導