Two Killed in Changhua Plane Crash 彰化輕航機墜毀釀2死 檢相驗釐清死因

A light airplane crashed in Changhua on the 16, killing the pilot and a Japanese passenger. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Family members of the Japanese national and flight instructor surnamed Lin headed to the mortuary on March 17 to take care of funeral arrangements, one day after the light airplane carrying the two crashed in Changhua County. Local prosecutors were also there to confirm the cause of death.

Chen Ting-wen, Prosecutor, Changhua District Prosecutors Office: “We won't know the cause of the accident until the Transportation Safety Board and the Civil Aeronautics Administration issue a detailed investigatory report.”

The plane crashed in Changhua's Xizhou Township. The entrance to the airfield where it took off from was closed. Local residents witnessed the crash and still had some trepidation.

Mr. Wang, Witness: “It circled two to three times, and then flew over to Ershui and back. My butt was very sore at that moment, and I saw it making a turn and hitting the ground as I stood up.”

The accident occurred on the afternoon of March 16. The light airplane had taken off from the airfield. The accident happened at around 3 p.m., reportedly when the plane was descending. It crashed into a meadow along the Zhuoshui River next to a dike. The impact of the collision started a fire, which was quickly extinguished by firefighters. A Japanese tourist who had come to Taiwan to learn how to fly was on board, along with a flight instructor surnamed Lin. They were both killed in the accident. The Transportation Safety Board is investigating five main factors.

Lin Pei-da, Chairperson, Transportation Safety Board: “The factors are weather, maintenance, flight operations, aircraft performance, and human factors. Of course, we're not excluding other ones from our investigation. Right now, there are no signs that it was caused by the weather, but we need aerial shots to construct a model for the orographic wind part.”

The police said the airfield was a legal operation and Lin was experienced with over 1,000 flight hours. The TSB said it has ruled out weather as the cause at the moment. It will take aerial shots of the scene and collect related information to determine the cause of the accident. 











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