Lin Zi-miao Attends Procedural Session at Court 涉貪案地院開庭 林姿妙控檢方編造故事

The second procedural session for Yilan County Magistrate Lin Zi-miao's corruption trial was held on March 13. Lin reasserted her innocence and blasted prosecutors for twisting statements and taking phrases out of context on wiretap recordings to frame her.

A procedural session was held ahead of the start of Yilan County Magistrate Lin Zi-miao's land corruption trial on the 13th. Before the session, Lin again asserted her innocence, saying a phone call between her and former Economic Affairs Department Director Wu Chao-chin that was recorded by prosecutors was being taken out of context to frame her. Wu said the "chair" that she mentioned in the call was the head of the Juang Wei Farmers' Association and not landowner Chen Cheng-hsun.

Lin Zi-miao, Yilan County Magistrate: “It said right there in black and white that the head of the Juang Wei Farmers' Association was changing from Lin Ting-chou to Chen Cheng-hsun. This is a lie and slander.”

Lin is one of 15 defendants in the case that were indicted on Aug. 23 last year. Chen and Chao Feng Enterprise owner Lin Hsi-chin have pled guilty to charges of forgery while the other 13 have pled not guilty.

Lin Yi-ling, Lin Zi-miao's Daughter: “Thank you. (Do you have anything to say about the case?)”

Lin's daughter, Lin Yi-ling, is one of the other defendants. She declined to comment on the 13th. There has been a high turnout at the trial, with former lawmaker Huang Kuo-chang among the crowd. It remains unknown who the legal teams will be summoning for questioning and cross-examination during the trial.








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