Premier Delivers Administrative Report to Legislature 陳建仁施政報告:四個堅持 維持台海和平

C. Chuang
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Premier Chen Chien-jen gave his first administrative report to the legislature on Feb. 24.

Chen Chien-jen, Premier: “The peace and stability of Taiwan are something that has a high degree of consensus among democratic countries all around the world. The government will uphold the four commitments proposed by President Tsai to guarantee the stability of Taiwan and maintain peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.”

Premier Chen Chien-jen delivered his first administrative report to the legislature on Feb. 24. He spoke about the cross-Strait situation and national defense, and promised to carry out the four major assignments tasked to him by President Tsai Ing-wen. However, legislators were more concerned with the issues that affect people's livelihoods. Egg prices continue to rise, and many places have been impacted by egg shortages. The Council of Agriculture said sales points in the north will receive eggs today, the 24th, and once again issued an apology.

Chen Chi-chung, Agriculture Minister: “Right now, there is an egg shortage, and many consumers have to run around to buy them. I of course feel that I wasn't able to do what was needed to allow consumers to immediately purchase this kind of egg, so of course I have to apologize.”

There are also concerns about possible electricity rate hikes. Chen said he hopes to maintain rates at reasonable levels. He also refused to commit to either a rate freeze or a rate hike. All he said was everyone has to wait until the deliberation committee meets in March.

Chen Chien-jen, Premier: “We will of course take commodity prices into consideration, but this has to go through the deliberation committee and it will make some very detailed calculations. We won't be making this kind of decision until March.”

Economic Affairs Minister Wang Mei-hua said the Ukraine-Russia war caused international fuel prices to skyrocket and they have fallen a little recently. She will instruct Taipower to conduct a comprehensive assessment based on factors such as fuel cost structure, the international situation, and domestic prices. She also pointed out rates were increased last year for heavy users and left unchanged for civil users and praised that as being very helpful for the stability of their livelihoods.