Use of Taoyuan Airport Compensation in Heated Debate 免付營養午餐 桃3區機場回饋金用途熱議

F. Kao
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The Taoyuan airport compensation is usually used to pay the lunch fees for all public and private primary and junior high schools in Dayuan, Guanyin, and Xinwu District but now all the fees are taken by the city government. Therefore, how to use airport compensation has generated heated debate. 

Lining up for meals, students enjoy lunches in their classrooms. Starting this semester, Taoyuan will provide free lunches for all public and private primary and junior high schools. The lunch fees for schools in Dayuan District no longer need to be paid by airport compensation. As to how to utilize this excess NT$64.2 million of airport compensation, people engage in heated debate.  

Hsu Chi-wan, Taoyuan City Councilor: “We may appropriate it as health check-up fees for a village's operating costs; as for the remainder NT$8 million, use it for construction fees for the district office.”

You Wu-he, Taoyuan City Councilor: “Chang San-cheng's policies should not be borne by Dayuan residents; thus this money should not be kept in district offices for construction fees since all construction fees should be appropriated by the city government.”

Comparing the proposals by pan-blue and pan-green city councilors, the biggest difference lies in infrastructure. The Department of Environmental Protection noted that cash subsidies, cultural charity events, and infrastructure are all within reasonable parameters for the use of airport compensation. Hence, after consolidation by the district office, the proposals will be submitted for review by the noise airport compensation review committee for the final version.

Huang Bo-hong, Noise Control Sec. Chief, Dept. of Environmental Protection, Taoyuan: “If the two proposed plans are accepted, they will be reported to the city government by the district office for overall consideration, then submitted to the aircraft noise control funds management committee for review.”

In addition, because of Datan Power Plant, Guanyin, and Xinwu received NT$39 million and NT$27.7 million respectively of Taipower's electricity promotion development assistance money. The initial plan is to use it for schools and educational purposes, as well as infrastructural objects such as road and road light repairs.