Wuling Farm Getting Over 6,000 Visitors a Day 武陵最佳賞花期 櫻花季首週末6千人入園

Droves of tourists are descending on parks and farms with cherry blossoms, causing massive traffic congestion. Tourists are complaining about 2-hour waits for shuttles, and some seniors are leaving without seeing a single blossom due to long wait times.

Cherry blossom season has arrived at Taichung's Wuling Farm. People are coming from all over Taiwan to see the cherry blossoms, and the farm is averaging 6-7,000 visitors a day on weekends. One particular 30-year-old showa sakura tree is very popular with tourists.

Hu Fa-tao, Deputy Director, Wuling Farm: “It's 12-15 meters high, or four-to-five stories high. It's very beautiful.”

Cherry blossom season has also opened on Fushou Mountain. Park officials say at higher altitudes, cherry blossom season occurs between mid-February and mid-March. Nantou's Caopingtou is another popular cherry blossom destination, although extreme traffic congestion has led to many complaints.

Tourist: “Look. There are so many cars. The traffic is going to be so bad. How many passengers can 10 (shuttle) buses carry? Why are you allowing private cars?”

Cars are backed up for miles on this tiny mountain road. Passengers on shuttles, meanwhile, are forced to walk 2 kilometers from the parking lot to get to the shuttle bus stop. Taking the shuttle bus also doesn't mean getting to the park any faster, because the bus gets stuck on the same congested road as cars. 

Chuan Chih-chien, Chief, Xinyi Township, Nantou County: “The parking lot at Caopingtou is full. No one can enter, and the traffic is backed up onto the New Cross-island Central Highway.”

Huang Cheng-tsung, Associate Tourism Professor, Providence University: “You're not going to be able to control congestion unless you count how many parking spaces you have and how many passengers shuttle buses can carry.”

The Sinyi Township Office says the park's capacity was set at around 5,000 people, but the park is getting 15,000 visitors a day and extra shuttle buses have not helped. Tourism experts say the organizer needs to conduct a traffic resource inventory to disperse flow and improve tourism quality.












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