Car Goes Over Guardrail on National Freeway 3 疑躲測速 國3後龍段轎車衝破護欄卡溝

A car that was speeding cut into the righthand lane and went over the guardrail after colliding with a truck on National Freeway 3 on Feb. 13. The car crashed down the side of a hill and came to a stop in a ditch. Police believe the driver was trying to hide from a speed camera.

A car accident took place near the 131K marker of National Freeway 3 at 6 a.m. on the 13th. A northbound car suddenly cut into the outer lane, hitting a cargo truck before losing control and going over the guardrail. It flipped 90 degrees going down the side of the hill before coming to rest in a ditch. First responders rescued the driver and two passengers from the car. Two of them suffered light injuries and were taken to the hospital.

Truck Driver: “I was driving in the outside lane and he cut in from the middle lane and collided with the side of my vehicle. (He hit the front of your vehicle?) And then his vehicle went sideways and went over the guardrail.”

Chien Hsin-chih, Firefighter, Tongxiao Branch, Fire Bureau, Miaoli County: “At 6:54 a.m. on the 13th, we were notified of an accident at the Houlong Interchange. The driver of the car was speeding and went over the guardrail.”

The driver is a 29-year-old man surnamed Chu who was driving from Taichung to Taipei. Police believe he cut into the outer lane to sandwich himself between two other vehicles in the hopes of hiding his license plate from a speed camera. The police say in these situations, vehicles are manually and individually assessed to see if they were speeding.

Chiu Yung-feng, Deputy Chief, Traffic Division, Police Bureau, Miaoli County: “The system transmits and receives radio frequencies to calculate the speed a vehicle was traveling at. Police write up violations and take photos for evidence. If more than one vehicle is involved, each will be assessed individually.”

Chu passed a breath alcohol test, but his car was totaled. Police are still trying to determine the facts of the case.










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